What’s the cold weather doing to wheat crops, to the insect populations, and to the soil?

In this episode of Wheat Pete’s Word, host Peter Johnson answers these questions; plus he talks road safety, cool stuff, insects, weed questions, dirt questions (ahem, soil), and more.

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  • Farm safety includes road safety!
  • USDA report out today, crops prices keep going up; what a difference a year can make, financially, and to our mental health
  • The Agronomists from Monday night featuring Tom Wolf and Jason Deveau had super cool sprayer technology. Check it out here!
  • It’s been cold!
  • Ultra-early seeded wheat and barley is up in Alberta!
  • Duration of a frost makes all the difference. Killing temps: at least two hours
  • Does the calendar trump the rule of three? What stage is the wheat at?
  • Pete did a Wheat School on identifying the flag leaf. Find it here.
  • The wheat crop seems short? What about lodging in a short crop? Lots of questions to mull over
  • Fungicide because of septoria in the canopy, going to go through with another fungicide.
  • Remember that fungicides control and stop disease from developing, it doesn’t make it disappear
  • Apparently it’s not too cold for cereal leaf beetle eggs at Simcoe County! Start scouting!
  • Starlings dive bombing a wheat crop? Stems cut up into three or four inch segments. Almost for sure sawfly
  • Alfalfa weevil on the Niagara peninsula. Get scouting
  • ATS and herbicide mixing instructions. Talk to your dealer
  • Compacted areas in a field that were subsoiled last year. Dandelions! Hard to control. Spray now, wait a day to three days, work it, then get the soybeans in
  • Soils have been staying wet and there’s been little evaporation with the cold weather.
  • But, the weather will change! So watch your tillage, know you’re going to lose moisture

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