Researchers at the University of Saskatchewan have been awarded nearly $5.7 million in grants that will support 32 wide-ranging projects.

Included in the project list is a study on cattle temperament that’s worth $152,500, titled “Development of a chute-side test to use feedlot cattle temperament as an indicator of disease resilience.”

Dr. Diego Moya, Western College of Veterinary Medicine assistant professor, will evaluate the use of beef cattle temperament as an on-farm indicator of disease susceptibility.

Moya’s project will characterize cattle behaviour — such as aggressiveness or fear reactivity — and its link to negative health and welfare outcomes.

Results from the study will help farmers tailor herd health programs in order to manage high-risk cattle, reduce antimicrobial drug use, cattle illnesses, and deaths.

The funding from this project comes from Canada’s Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC).

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