Ontario beef farmer Stan Eby has dedicated his entire career to improving the cattle industry across Canada, and was recently nominated by Beef Farmers of Ontario and the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association for induction into the Canadian Ag Hall of Fame.

Eby, who has a strong appreciation for the cattle industry, successfully led the industry in Ontario and across the country through some traumatic and divisive events — namely the Walkerton water crisis and BSE.

He’s seen organizations transform throughout the years and has had eye-opening experiences working not just within the beef industry, but also in agriculture in general. In particular, one of Eby’s concerns is “appreciating what the next step is, whether it’s producing grains going to an elevator, producing cows going to a market, and understanding what takes place, and the challenges that those people have,” which has opened his eyes outside of the beef industry.

“We don’t really have to look outside the gate, we can make a phone call and purchase market livestock, but you have to get out and really see what’s going on, whether that be a tour of a packer, talk to a grocery store manager, that type of thing, [it] opens your eyes to the whole value chain and where we’re going,” says Eby.

Stan Eby lives near Kincardine, Ont., and recently joined RealAg Radio host Shaun Haney to talk about his induction and his career:

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