The governments of Canada and Saskatchewan have announced a new beneficial management practice program for cow-calf producers under the Farm Stewardship Program.

Eligible cow-calf producers can now access cost-shared funding of up to 75 per cent of project costs, to a maximum of $15,000 for the development of run-off control measures.

Eligible projects include holding or retention ponds for collecting run-off, ditches, berms, or dykes and earthwork or pen regrading to achieve proper run-off.

“I feel for the many Saskatchewan producers dealing with moderate to extreme drought conditions across much of the province this year,” says Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food Marie-Claude Bibeau. “Together with our provincial counterparts, we are working to build a sustainable future for our farm families, because we know farmers are on the front lines of climate change.  Producers can now access this program which will help them to protect their valuable water sources and support their adoption of sustainable management practices.”

Saskatchewan Agriculture Minister David Marit says that as stewards of the land, producers take their responsibility to protect water sources seriously. “This program will provide additional funding for Saskatchewan cow-calf producers and assist them with making improvements to their operations.”

One thought on “Farm Stewardship Program to support Saskatchewan beef producers in protecting surface water

  1. Albertan beef producers should be getting the same benefits as those in Saskatchewan.
    I live in British Columbia but I have a clear memory of how PM Pierre Trudeau gave the finger to Westerners while his son, Justin smiled at his dad in admiration.
    I only wish PM Justin Trudeau would realize this is not a game. Families need food on the table and warm clothes in the winter.
    No, it’s not a game when fathers commit suicide in desperation, families break up and children suffer. Nobody wins.

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