Welcome to this Thursday edition of RealAg Radio! And since it’s a Thursday, that means a Farmer Rapid Fire.

On today’s show you’ll hear:

  • Shawn Schill of Arthur, Ont., where the crops are looking good with just-in-time rains;
  • Ron Krahn of Rivers, Man., where the excess rain from last year is really helping out this year;
  • Danny Ottenbreit of Grayson, Sask., where they’ve had a little bit of rain, they “kinda need a lot of rain,” but give it two weeks;
  • Kelly Malmberg of Blackie, Alta., who’s the ag fieldman in Vulcan County, where things are pretty bad; and,
  • Taylor Sebastian of Kelowna, B.C., who runs Scenic Road Cider, where it’s super hot (39 °C) and has bad news about the fruit crops.

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