SeedMaster’s new 24-foot toolbar with 12-inch spacing is a nice small drill that would make a great fit for a livestock producer who wants precise seed placement, the company says.

Duane Kent, territory manager at SeedMaster, says the unit has all the bells and whistles as the larger unit including the tried and true dual-knife opener, UltraPro II technology for seed distribution and placement, scales for calibration, and it’s built for efficiency.

The new toolbar hit the market just last spring and Kent believes there’ll be great traction in Alberta for the cattle producers.

“Pulling a 60-foot drill, or a 70-foot drill, in the foothills in Alberta can be a little interesting, so this is a better fit for that,” says Kent, adding that the lower price point is a bonus.

SeedMaster dealers have all the info on the new product.

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