Those in Western Canada looking for hay and those in other areas willing to supply hay for the Hay West 2021 initiative can now access a web portal to connect.

The Canadian Federation of Agriculture has launched where individuals and businesses can enter the pertinent details of their situation and await word.

The program is being run on a break-even basis, with hay being bought and sold at cost at $0.10/lb. Freight is being covered by funding through Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada.

While every effort will be made to link farmers and ranchers with available supplies, the CFA warns that applying for hay does not guarantee that there will be enough to go around.

Check out the site here:

2 thoughts on “Hay West launches web sign up page

  1. We have 60 large rectangular hay bales that we like to donate for this haywest project. Please contact us at the email address indicated below.

    Thank you,
    Marion Rahm

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