Your toolbox just got more dynamic


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Today’s progressive grower has access to more technology than ever before. From advanced computers in tractors and temperature and moisture sensors to aerial crop scouting and digital data record books, farmers are equipped to handle nearly everything on the farm. Yet, they look to trusted advisors and retailers like you and your team every day to help analyze data and technology to better understand how it will impact their bottom line.

eKonomics is a powerful resource to help your customer plant, grow, and harvest a profitable crop. Plus, with the new eKonomics app, you have the best tools right in your pocket, including our Nutrient ROI Calculator, Growing Degrees Calculator, Nutrient Removal Calculator and Rainfall Tracker. Download it for free now from the App Store or Google Play.

With the app’s easy-to-use interface, growers can plug in site-specific data and get their estimated ROI in seconds – for free. In years when commodity prices are low, your customers will appreciate every advantage for potentially increasing profitability – and eKonomics is here to do just that.

These straightforward tools are packed with results for nutrient removal, growing degree days, geographical data, and rainfall tracking. For example, the nutrient ROI calculator can help growers see how much they can increase yield and return with fertilizer application.

Data you can trust when your grower is counting on you.

Growers turn to you for advice on inputs and fertility plans, equipment recommendations and technology plays. That trust comes with an obligation for you and your team to stay one step ahead of the trend. With eKonomics’ ROI calculators, the guesswork is removed and replaced with data verified by agronomists and tailored for your specific region and all the unique differentials your growers face. That gives you an advantage. To maximize your customer’s ROI and minimize time spent searching for answers you can trust, visit


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