The news is not good this fall.

The rising cost of food and housing is eclipsed by the rising cost of energy both here and abroad. Supply chains are disrupted, and global supplies of everything from electronic chips to dishwashers is uncertain.

In the face of it all, farmers are having to make decisions regarding next growing season. Fall is typically when many farms book seed and fertilizer, often at a slight cost advantage, as fortune favours the planner โ€” usually.

This year, however, farmers are already facing extremely high fertilizer costs, and some can’t even pre-buy the farm’s nutrient needs even if they wanted to, as some retailers aren’t selling.

There are those too, who feel the “black swan” events happening now, and since the beginning of the pandemic, will have lost steam by the spring, and the sky-high prices will have pulled back. Which brings us to our poll question โ€” are you all set for fertilizer? Ready to buy? Or waiting it out?


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