Will it shatter?


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Not if we have anything to say about it.

Rain or shine, disease or weeds, every canola season boils down to a single number: yield. Throughout a growing season, many management practices are applied to help increase the yield potential of your crop. But this potential only translates to yield after it’s harvested. For canola growers, premature pod shatter remains as one of the greater challenges, particularly at harvest, and reduces that yield potential you worked all season to maximize.

To combat this tendency, InVigor® hybrid canola from BASF developed its very own patented Pod Shatter Reduction technology and introduced it to growers in 2014. The trait has been trusted to safely retain the seeds in the pod and help preserve yield potential on over 40 million acres. The patented Pod Shatter Reduction trait strengthens both pod seams and stems to give the plants excellent pod shatter reduction characteristics and safely retain the seeds in the pod until you are ready to harvest. These yield-enhancing properties can result in a fuller pod, larger seeds and lower green seed counts. Here’s a list of the benefits you’ll see when you take advantage of the Pod Shatter Reduction trait:

  • Helps protect your yield
  • Harvest flexibility to delay swath or straight cut
  • Reduces harvest losses from equipment, late fall harvests and overwintered canola
  • Minimize the impact of late-season adverse weather
  • Longer pod fill resulting in larger seeds and maximizing yield
  • Reduces volunteer canola

InVigor hybrids also have a reduced propensity for pod drop. In contrast to pod shatter, which is the pre-harvest release of seeds from a pod, pod drop is the loss of an entire pod due to a weakened stem. This combination of reduced pod shatter and pod drop helps provide growers with the tools and confidence needed for a successful harvest.

Take our trusted technology out for a spin.

When it comes to technology, we know that seeing is believing. Why not go nine rounds with our patented trait or put it on the ropes to see how the trait holds itself together. We ask our very own patented technology “Will it Shatter?” with two out of the box (but inside the bucket) ideas. See how our patented Pod Shatter Reduction technology performs in the videos below:


To see how our Pod Shatter Reduction hybrids and other InVigor hybrids are performing in your area, visit InVigorResults.ca.

What going the distance means to our growers.

Some years, the summer or fall weather makes you wonder why you still live here. On the years where we do get that weather, we don’t have to tell you what the Pod Shatter Reduction difference means. Below is a quote from one of our InVigor growers on our Canola PODcast, who explains what the trait means to their operation. You can listen to the full episode on our Pod Shatter Reduction technology here.

“We embraced it, first of all, because we had the ability to straight cut, and we were getting phenomenal yields by doing that. And I think that’s why many farmers, when pod shatter was a new thing, transitioned really quickly over to it. At this point, we’ve worked with it for a number of years, and we’ve seen not just the harvest and obvious yield benefits, but it’s been fantastic for managing workload and when you have a family farm, for us it’s just a family operation, time is really valuable; and having a tool that can help us reduce time in the field at harvest by not swathing is valuable, and having something can reduce stress by not worrying about it standing in the field is also valuable.”
– Nicolea Dow

Growers need reliable technology on their farm that will allow them to pursue higher yields and ways to make their operations more profitable. BASF is constantly innovating and developing sustainable solutions to address these needs. The patented Pod Shatter Reduction technology is just one example of tools we provide our growers to help set them up for a successful harvest.

Always read and follow label directions.
INVIGOR is a registered trade-mark of BASF, used under license by BASF Canada Inc. © 2021 BASF Canada Inc.

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