The Canadian Agri-Marketing Association (CAMA) has been around for 55 years.

Plenty has changed in that time, and, as noted in a recent announcement video, CAMA wanted to reflect some of the changes in its name.

Robert Mensies, CAMA national chair, says part of that change will include representing the entire food-value chain.

“We need to better encompass Canada’s food system, from the farm to the plate. As the two ends of the value chain continue to come closer and closer together and work collaboratively, CAMA is keeping pace. We’ve changed our name, and our opening our doors wide to professionals along Canada’s entire food system,” he explains.

Terry Andryo, CAMA ambassador, explains that the evolution will add networking opportunities across the industry.

“The addition of the value-chain community should provide more in the membership professional development, insights, and content that will help enhance our members careers,” says Andryo.

Along with the name new name change comes a new logo as well. Mensies breaks down the changes for each part of the new name: Canadian Agri-food Marketers Alliance.

“The Canadian part is pretty self-explanatory. Agri-food is our best attempt to be relevant to all within the value chain. A subtle, but important change, is the move from marketing, to marketers. We’ve heard from many members over the years that the most valuable aspect of CAMA is their fellow members. The people. And that’s why we’ve incorporated marketers. And finally, alliance in the place of association. As an agri-food marketer, we are very unique, and together we are an alliance,” he explains.

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