On this week’s episode of Wheat Pete’s Word, host Peter Johnson talks about damaging wheat plants, upcoming sessions at the Ontario Ag Conference, economic rates of nitrogen, and foliar potash results.

Is only one episode a week enough? Some of you say nay. For now, however, one will have to be enough.

Have a question you’d like Johnson to address or some yield results to send in? Disagree with something he’s said? Leave him a message at 1-888-746-3311, send him a tweet (@wheatpete), or email him at [email protected]


  • Get registered for winter conferences! There are prizes
  • There will be a paying it forward session at the Ontario Ag Conference. Participation wanted
  • Head over to GoCorn.net — some unbelievable yields
  • There will be updates to that data, though
  • July numbers: $10/bu for soft red winter wheat. Unheard of
  • Don’t give up on frost seeding
  • What about filling in spots? Damaging existing plants?
  • There is such thing as too cold
  • Brian Beres program is working on some cool stuff (pardon the pun). Tune in to The Agronomists on Monday night!
  • Last planted corn was very low yielding. What happened?
  • The maximum economic rate of nitrogen on corn might surprise you. Check out the video here.
  • Earlier N can be key
  • Foliar K plot had some surprising results
  • Replication is important, and more is better, to account for field variability
  • Farmer networks work
  • YEN — great results for the wheat yield contest
  • What about percentage of potential yield? Very interesting to see that even with big yields, still not getting 80 per cent of predicted potential yield
  • Early wheat, where the energy comes from, and living off the roots and leaves in wet weather
  • Is fall winter wheat mapping worthwhile? For spring N apps
  • Will Wheat Pete ever do two episodes in a week? Stay tuned!

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