Updating old favourites in sustainable crop protection


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Improving formulations reduces negative environmental and health risk by ADAMA Canada

Every day, we hear from producers and the public that they want us to deliver solutions that meet environmental challenges. That’s why ADAMA Canada is excited to launch ZIVATA.

Our chemists designed Zivata to be environmentally safe and sustainable, a formulation for the future. Zivata’s active ingredient is lambda-cyhalothrin, which is effective on a wide range of pests and pest stages.

Currently Zivata is registered for crops including canola, pulse, corn, soybean and a variety of fruits and vegetables. ADAMA thoroughly planned and secured its supply chain, which means that Zivata will be widely available across Canada in 2022.

Improved formulation

Zivata is an improved option to its older, competing products because it offers better sustainability, user experience and results.

Zivata offers three main formulation improvements that reduce environmental impact including:

  1. Plant-based versus petroleum distillate — ADAMA now uses a sustainable plant based solvent versus the non-renewable petroleum based solvents used in most insecticides.
  2. Safety built in — Zivata has a higher flashpoint, which makes it safer to store and handle.
  3. Improved formulation — Zivata’s formulation includes a proprietary, sustainable solvent and adjuvant for enhanced penetration and knockdown

“This new formulation allows farmers to protect their crop, while consciously choosing a product with reduced environmental impact,” said Cornie Thiessen, general manager of ADAMA Canada. “We are continuously looking at our products to see if we can update them to be more environmentally sustainable without changing their efficacy. That’s a win-win for our industry.”

Stewardship and sustainability

Here are three ways that Zivata improves stewardship and sustainability:

  1. Reduced Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) — VOCs are known to negatively affect people, the environment and air quality. Zivata’s innovative formulation makes it less toxic to the environment and improves both the user experience and flexibility of use around odour-sensitive areas.
  2. Managing A.I. per acre guidelines — Zivata’s active ingredient is more efficient and effective with a low registered rate for effective results
  3. Sustainable sourcing — Using a plant-based, renewable solvent versus a petroleum-based, non renewable solvent

Who should use Zivata

Zivata has been approved and labeled for use on a wide variety of crops including soybeans, canola, wheat and fruit crops. Over time, we believe it will find enthusiastic adoption across the country, though we expect some of the higher value commodities may lead the way.

“Farmers and retailers across the country are asking us to focus on sustainability,” said Thiessen. “We’re listening, and we’re delivering products like Zivata.”

To learn more about Zivata, please visit ADAMA.com or contact your local crop input retailer. ADAMA reminds its customers to always read and follow label directions.

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