Analyze and optimize your ROI through on-farm trials


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Innovative Field Trials for Canadian Farmers

Climate FieldView™ brings digital innovation to farmers by seamlessly collecting, storing, and visualizing data to monitor and measure the impact of your agronomic decisions on crop performance in real time. This powerful digital tool manages field variability by making it easy to build customized fertility and seeding plans for your fields to optimize both yield and profit.

With innovative technology changing the game, it’s never been easier to learn how to make the most of your fields. On-farm field trials are the key to harnessing the full potential of your fields to prepare for current and future growing seasons.

Build on Success, Season over Season

We all know change doesn’t come easy but using FieldView to evolve your on-farm trials or even accidental trials is an exception to that rule. From an initial setup to obtaining a detailed analysis, it’s simple to conduct multiple tests at once to learn how inputs are performing in different areas and environments. Best of all, rather than making decisions based on results from someone else’s trials across the province, the data you collect is specific to your fields.

Jeff Cook of MapleView Farms, showcases the importance of conducting on-farm trials to gain better insight for the next growing season. He explains “we’re big believers in on-farm research and trying to figure out what works for us on our farm and FieldView is excellent for that. It’s very easy to set up plots using the digital tool and be able to evaluate them after harvest”. FieldView helps to establish advantages and disadvantages that can help you make better decisions for the next growing season.

Track, Monitor, and Analyze on Farm Trials

Utilize the FieldView Drive to track your progress and spot potential issues in real time as you pass through the field. FieldView makes it easy to trial your favourite hybrids and varieties to establish top performers to help guide product purchases for the next growing season. Compare field maps of various fertilizer, herbicide, and fungicide application rates to utilize your resources where it matters most. The best part is you can share selected data with agronomic partners to collaborate on the best strategy to maximize yield.

Focus on the Bigger Picture

There is nothing that can replace the knowledge you’ve built working your fields over the years, yet often, our assumptions can hold us back. This is especially true when it comes to using yield analysis tools to analyze farm field trials. Many farmers have found valuable solutions in unexpected, sometimes counterintuitive places.

Every farm has different challenges and opportunities, FieldView lets you harness the power of your farm’s data to optimize yield and maximize your return on investment so you can make the most of every acre. Learn more about Climate FieldView’s features and get digital farming’s leading software platform today with a free trial to unlock the power at your fingertips to test, assess, and plan your next growing season.


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