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In the constantly innovating world of agriculture, you need to take advantage of every tool at your disposal. With so many technologies, storing so much information, all in different silos – how do you keep track of it all?

Farm management software allows you to digitally collect information at each level of your operation and share with those who matter the most – your farm team members, agronomists and trusted advisors – to ensure everyone working together is using the same set of data. Pulling all your fieldwork and paperwork into one single platform means it’s even easier to get a complete overview of your farm. Farm management software also works to track and monitor in real-time¹, which not only helps when planning but can also lead to a more sustainable farming practice by helping prevent waste and damage.

“Farm management software helps put your team on the same page. With documentation by all parties, nothing falls through the cracks so that your team is a united front for your business, which is key,” says Garth Donald, manager of agronomy at Decisive Farming by TELUS Agriculture. “With this type of collaboration, there are no concerns for misunderstandings, which means work can get done in a timely manner and right the first time.”

Data-supported decision-making

The ability to make decisions supported by data also helps with more accurate farm record-keeping. When granted permission by you, your agronomists and advisors can access up-to-date and relevant information, making communication and collaboration between you and your team more efficient and convenient.

Part of the need to collaborate digitally stems from an increased need for growers to plan seasons with their advisors. When both parties have visibility into previous years’ records along with what’s still to come that season, you’re able to strategically plan input requirements, cash flow and schedule farm labour.

“By implementing farm management software, you can keep track of the paper clips – and by that I mean all tasks are noted and kept track of to help things get done on time,” says Donald.

Risk management

When managing an operation, the most up-to-date field and production records are required to provide you with the necessary information to pursue effective risk management strategies. According to Stratus Ag Research “Dynamics of Data in Ag”, CDN 2021, 61 per cent of farmers in Canada are using a field data management software solution (up from 55 per cent last year) – of those, 62 per cent use a single platform. More informed decision-making is the most frequently mentioned benefit of software use on-farm, followed by improved crop planning and determining profitable farm practices.

Farm management software makes tracking field activities faster, more simple and reduces the risk of errors that can be associated with paper records. Digital record-keeping also eliminates storing, sorting and retrieving physical records – so you can spend less time in your office and more time where it matters most.

Communication is key

Regardless of the complexity of your operation or how many times plans change, communication is key. When everyone on your farm team has access to the same information, collaboration improves significantly. With the click of a button, your team can share and communicate activities within your operation – the ability to connect with your partners and link information sources can also help strengthen your relationships.

When both scheduled and ongoing activities are stored digitally, everyone is on the same page and work can be allocated efficiently. The ability to quickly pull up the most recent report means you’re saving both you and your team time and headaches – where you may have previously spent late nights performing traditional record-keeping tasks, automated features within farm management software can give back the time you need.

“Being informed and having the data at your fingertips means there’s no need to go back to explain as all the information is right there,” says Donald. “And with that, you’re not duplicating the same task, which saves you time in the end. And by having access to detailed information, you’re not purchasing or using the wrong product – this is where savings come into play.”

Here are some key factors to help you get the most out of your farm management software:

  • Track and monitor day-to-day operations – farm management software provides a holistic view and real-time information of your farm, helping you plan activities more efficiently and make more informed decisions.
  • Improve production efficiency – schedule and record tasks and get an overview of everything happening on your farm. Digital record-keeping is made easier with powerful reports generated in just a few clicks – this bird’s eye perspective helps make accomplishing goals and managing teams easier.
  • Streamline communication and collaboration – having all your farm information collected in one place helps when getting everyone on the same page – and when work needs to get done, team alignment is critical. With one system, you can reference and update in real-time – that means keeping everyone and everything on track becomes a more streamlined task.
  • Improve profitability – you and your employees can easily view production costs from initial planting to field work, spraying, labour and harvesting. And access to digital historical yields can assist with crop rotation planning, helping contribute to decreased costs and better profit margins. When you have access to accurate, up-to-date data on all aspects of your business, you can make decisions that help increase profitability.

Implementing farm management software means that accessing and updating your records can be done remotely and shared collaboratively with team members, allowing you to easily record and view your costs of production, from initial planting to field work.

By offering a streamlined field tracking system, you can go into the season confident in your operation. To learn more about farm management software, visit or contact your local Decisive Farming representative.

¹Connectivity subject to internet availability in your area

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