Improved ROI, less time under the seeder this spring


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Growers looking to upgrade their seeding system have an exciting and unique option with the SeedMaster Ultra SR. The first single rank precision seeding tool on the market is a complete seeding system, contained in one frame.

“SeedMaster has always been known for our ground engagement technology; our dual knife system that precisely places seed and fertilizer at a uniform depth; the UltraPro II metering system; and residue management wheel.  The Ultra SR is all of this and so much more,” says Tim Criddle, Global Sales Director, SeedMaster. The Ultra SR includes seed and fertilizer tanks, and a 60’ single rank toolbar plus some unique above-ground enhancements designed to save growers money and make the job of seeding easier.

Save Time

The ability to walk along the back and change the depth of every single opener within five minutes without having to get down on the ground and under the equipment will appeal to many. This will allow growers to fine-tune seed depths easily to correspond to changes in seed and field conditions – a step that growers may skip because it is so time consuming, but which can pay off in improved yields.  And when not maneuvering a train of equipment, getting around, on and off the field, becomes much quicker and easier. The 750 bushels of total capacity and the precise Ultra Pro II distribution system also provide gentle seed handing, cost savings, and efficiencies.

Save Money, Make Money

There is a cost savings to buying one complete piece of equipment instead of a traditional air drill and seed cart, and growers can save from 15 to 20 per cent in capital costs when purchasing the Ultra SR. As well, the 375-400 hp efficiency means a bigger tractor won’t be necessary and it may even allow growers to save some money on fuel, which will be more important than ever this spring. When a grower can easily adjust seed depths to allow for precision planting of seed and fertilizer, the result is fast, uniform emergence and improved yields.

Growers are finding out for themselves the benefits of this new generation of precision seeders. “The residue management system gave us incredible emergence and a nice clean field finish. The seed placement was perfect, we used under 40 per cent engine load, changing product was easy – all the little things add up. The whole concept is a simple and innovative evolution in seeding technology,” says Wade McAllister, CFO, Antler Valley Farm.

“From one end to the other, the innovation we have built into the Ultra SR is changing the way people are seeding,” says Criddle.

For more information, go to the SeedMaster website, or a SeedMaster dealer.

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