Wheat Pete's Word, May 11: Slow down, speed up, stay shallow, and an alfalfa alert


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  • Go time, y’all
  • But go safe. Share the road, respect the farm equipment
  • The Habs got the first round draft pick! Oh, and the Maple Leafs won
  • When the soil is fit, give ‘er sh*t!
  • We’ve had a great drying index, so be careful — is that tillage pass necessary? It’s not working up well
  • Many fields got sure beat up last fall, either at harvest or pounding rains
  • Freeze/thaw hasn’t done the work we usually expect
  • Swap out the implement? Rolling baskets
  • Conserve the moisture!
  • Should you plant deeper? Could be! The forecast is pretty warm and dry and windy
  • Corn should be at least 2″, and at 3″ you might get a yield bump (but not on heavy clay)
  • Adjust as the day goes on, please. Err on the deep side
  • Soybeans need way more moisture than corn to germinate, so get them to moisture
  • 67% of the winter wheat crop in the U.S. is under drought conditions
  • Southern Alberta got snow on Monday morning!
  • Surface applying N? Add something like Agrotain, urease inhibition
  • Shallow tillage, please
  • Need a half inch to get urea in to the soil
  • ALERT! Check your alfalfa (see photos!). Older stands, especially

  • Do you need forage? Add rye in between tile run alfalfa
  • Heaved crowns means it’s going to get really damaged (dead)
  • Plant first, or manure first? PLANT, usually, but in an organic system, the manure is way too important to miss
  • Strip tillage then plant over top to get rid of green rye. Add N in the row
  • Manure always helps, unless it causes compaction
  • When is it too late for N on winter wheat? Get aerial!
  • It’s never too late…but how much damage will you do?
  • 2x ammonium thiosulfate showing uber green. What the heck?
  • Tile-run wheat: when does yellow hurt yield. Answer: already. Sorry
  • Get realistic about your wheat yield goal

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