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Sustainability has been a hot topic in agriculture for years, but at GFL Ag, we see beyond that. Growers are not only trying to sustain the farming activities on their farms, but to improve the land and resources available to ensure the farm’s longevity. New and innovative agricultural practices and products are needed to pave the way forward.

Generations of agricultural families have instilled the value of making the most of what’s available to you – whether that be seed, crop inputs or livestock feed. In the creation of our product Bio-Sul Premium Plus, we use two readily available ingredients (compost and elemental sulphur) with limited applications to make an effective and affordable crop input for growers.


In 2019, 87 per cent of Canadians with access to municipal composting or organics collection programs used them – contributing to the 3.48 million tonnes of organic matter processed by composting facilities in the same year. But where does the compost go after it’s been processed? The final product is sold to farms, grocery stores, garden centres and companies like GFL Ag.

Matt Gosling from Premium Ag in Strathmore, Alberta, confirms that the sweet spot for compost delivery to farmland is around 80 to 100 km. They apply approximately 20,000 to 24,000 mt per year at a rate of 4 to 7 mt per acre distributed from the city of Calgary.

By using compost as a carrier for elemental sulphur, Bio-Sul is economically transporting many tens of thousands of tonnes of compost over 10 times that distance that economics would normally inhibit.

Elemental Sulphur

Did you know the second input in Bio-Sul, elemental sulphur, is a by-product of the oil and gas industry? Elemental sulphur is produced during the processing of sour gas and refining of bitumen into synthetic crude. The sulphur can be stored in various ways, including in a solid block form, and there is no shortage of the by-product in Alberta. This makes it an inexpensive input for fertilizer production, which is one of the leading commercial uses for elemental sulphur, along with as sulphuric acid for industrial applications.

Bio-Sul Premium Plus

Bio-Sul utilizes two inputs which are abundant and economical and would otherwise sit idly to create an input that enhances crop performance and promotes long-term soil/environmental sustainability. Compost kickstarts the microbial activity that converts elemental sulphur to sulphate, and reduces the risk of fire and the dusting normally associated with elemental sulphur.  Elemental sulphur allows compost to be transported further economically, thus enhancing its range of efficacy.

Bio-Sul has multi-year benefits per application and is more cost effective and sustainable than other elemental sulphur products. Contact a GFL Ag representative to learn more about how Bio-Sul can enhance your crop performance and benefit your farming operation.

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