Wheat Pete's Word, Nov 2: Raking corn, header wagons, really ultra early wheat, and maturity versus yield


What does triticale have to do with reduced soybean yields? What’s the payoff to longer season hybrids? And why on earth would someone rake up corn?!

Tap below (or download for later) and hear this week’s episode of Wheat Pete’s Word for all these answers and so much more.

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  • Kinetic energy is equal to one half times the mass of whatever you’re driving times velocity squared. Think about that when driving down the road! If you double your speed, you multiply your energy by four times, whereas if you double your mass, you double your energy by double. Go slow
  • They make header wagons for a reason. Use them
  • Keep the duals in the field
  • South Dakota had such a drought and high winds before harvest that there were major losses from cob drop. Estimates at 40 to 50 bushels per acre of corn cobs laying on the ground. What do you do? Windrow, of course!
  • A Saskatchewan farmer is putting Wheat Pete’s ultra early seeding to that test! Super dry conditions, spring wheat went in late October
  • Ukrainian grain finally got out in to the the rest of the world, and wheat goes limit-down. Read more here.
  • Does this magically mean more wheat is available? Supply might still end up pretty tight, as a full 1/3 of the winter wheat crop in the U.S. is rated poor or very poor right now
  • The worst hit area is the hard red wheat area, the hard winter wheat area, not the soft winter wheat area
  • Yield updates: With almost perfect weather in North Wellington, corn is about 20 bushels above where we would normally expect
  • In some areas of Ontario, corn breaking 250 bushels per acre, even on the heavy clay soils
  • One grower, on 400 acres of soybeans, hit an average yield of 72 bushels per acre
  • Corn coming out of the field with good yield at 13.5% moisture. Amazing!
  • Plot data is rolling in. Soybeans after triticale. Triticale taken as forage. Compared to soybeans in to corn stubble.
  • Soybeans after cereal rye cost 15 bushels per acre versus on corn stalks
  • On-farm trials matter to figure out differences in soil type and differences in rotation and fertility and rainfall
  • Maturity versus yield debate on corn: At the end of September, we were all talking about how corn had stalled. And long season hybrids had stalled and hadn’t black layered. And we were really worried about you know where we were going to end up. As we get to the first of November for the most part, those hybrids all finally did black layer or at least brown layer. They’re coming out of the field dry, everything is good, good, good. But on the 20th of September it did not feel good
  • The numbers suggest you gain six bushels per acre for every 100 heat units that you push that season longer
  • Go fully adapted hybrid! The short-season area gains the most by far from growing longer season corn hybrids
  • But remember, your stress level matters. There is value in getting harvest over under dry conditions and not have to fight mud and not have to fight low test weight
  • The longer corn sits out, the higher the risk of too-high DON
  • Fall weed control, wheat, and manganese deficiency questions coming in. Verify that it is manganese.
  • Chickweed is showing up even in soybean fields or edible bean fields that got glyphosate as the burn down

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