Three reasons Intruvix™ herbicide stands out from other add-ins


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Most prairie growers know that adding another herbicide to their spring glyphosate application pays big dividends.

First, they’ll see better and more consistent weed control. Second, starting with a clean field helps protect yield potential and third, having another mode of action (or two or three) in the tank will help avoid resistance and thus safeguard their use of glyphosate in the future.

There are many available glyphosate add-ins, but which one makes the most sense for your agronomic situation and personal preference.

In this discussion, Intruvix™ herbicide from FMC has emerged as a compelling choice. Here’s why.

  1. Works fast and keeps going. The Group 14 component of Intruvix™ herbicide boosts and speeds up the initial burnoff. Its Group 2 component provides long-lasting activity right down to the root with no re-growth.
  2. Depth of label. Intruvix™ herbicide controls more than 30 of the toughest broadleaf weeds. This includes kochia (including Group 2and 9-resistant biotypes), narrow-leaved hawk’s-beard, volunteer canola (including glyphosate-tolerant), wild buckwheat and dandelion.
  3. Versatility. Intruvix herbicide is suitable for all soil zones. It can also be applied pre-seed, prior to wheat, durum, barley, and oats; as well as chemfallow or post-harvest.

To learn more about Intruvix herbicide, visit the link to listen to our new podcast:

Intruvix™ herbicide in the field:

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