Effectively managing herbicide-resistant weeds in dry conditions with a pre-seed burndown


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Dry or wet, whatever conditions this coming spring brings, one thing is certain – weeds will be emerging, whether you can see them or not.

That’s why a grower’s number one goal should be to use a pre-seed burnoff to limit early herbicide-resistant weed competition on emerging crops, even when conditions are dry.

According to Nolan Kowalchuk, FMC’s Technical Sales Manager for the western prairies, a pre-seed burnoff can be a valuable tool for managing herbicide-resistant weed seeds.

“A pre-seed burnoff enhances overall weed control by getting a jump on those early emerged weeds,” says Kowalchuk. “And then utilizing soil-applied technology with the burnoff application allows you [to] control later emerging weeds while enhancing resistance management opportunities and overall crop performance.”

While  soil-applied, extended weed control products do require a set amount of moisture to activate, once they receive that activating moisture they go to work, controlling early germinating weeds like kochia.

“The right pre-seed product in dry conditions can eliminate the emerged weed growth to eliminate any immediate competition with your emerging crops.” he says. “And once rain is received, the crop can really begin to grow more robustly and weed-free.”

The soil-applied product is working and allowing the crop to establish and get well ahead of any additional flushes that may come much later.

“The pre-seed burnoff is also going to improve the efficacy of the in-crop herbicides by eliminating the early weed competition,” says Kowalchuk. “This allows the crop to establish a competitive advantage over the weeds and allow the in-crop chemistry to be that much more efficacious because you’re going to have less dense weed pressure and much smaller target weeds.”

For example, kochia has developed resistance to multiple herbicide groups including Groups 2, 4, 9 and 14. It germinates very early in the spring, which is why it is important to use pre-seed burnoff products that have more than one active ingredient.

If there is another dry spring, by incorporating glyphosate and tank mix additives that target emerged weeds, it will help eliminate weeds that have germinated from the limited soil moisture, preventing them from competing with the newly germinating crop for the limited moisture and nutrients available.

Learn more:  https://ag.fmc.com/ca/en/products/pre-seed-herbicides

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