A Yield Enhancement Network (YEN) isn’t a yield contest, per se; instead it’s a field-scale learning experience for growers looking to take yield to the next level. In Ontario, the Great Lakes YEN is entering its third year, and has attracted more growers each year. Farmers who participate in the network also tend to sign… Read More

Managing nitrogen fertilizer is a balancing of economic considerations, yield goals, and environmental implications. With both increased fertilizer prices and scrutiny on N fertilizer emissions, this episode of The Agronomists tackles the loss pathways and management tools required to minimize them. Our experts for this conversation are John Heard of Manitoba Agriculture, Peter Johnson of… Read More

Adding a winter cereal in the rotation can have beneficial impacts on everything from spring planting workloads, to harvest, to soil health and ground-nesting birds. But having success with winter cereals and winter wheat requires a little planning and some winter luck. To delve in to stubble choice, seeding timing, seeds per acre, fertility and… Read More

The Middlesex County Agricultural Hall of Fame is honouring seven people with an induction for 2022. One of those deserving people is Mr. Peter “Wheat Pete” Johnson, resident agronomist of RealAgriculture, long-serving extension advocate, and host of Wheat Pete’s Word, now in its eighth year. For 2022, Johnson’s fellow inductees include: Craig & Moira Connell, Syd & Jeanne Greenberg,… Read More

When we think of a wet year, we think of disease. Throw in a cereal crop, and what’s the disease we think of? Fusarium head blight or FHB. Here to teach us all about FHB management including control timing on this episode of The Agronomists is Dr. Kelly Turkington, plant pathologist with Agriculture and Agri-Food… Read More

Welcome to another episode of The Agronomists! For this episode, host Lyndsey Smith is joined by Warren Ward with the Canola Council of Canada, and RealAgriculture resident agronomist, Peter “Wheat Pete” Johnson. The topic of discussion today is starter fertilizer — of course with some other colourful tidbits thrown in there as well. The story… Read More

Here’s to hoping everyone had a great Easter weekend! We are excited to be back with another episode of The Agronomists. We’re hitting the ground running with this week’s topic: nitrogen management. More specifically, this episode is focused on managing N losses and products that potentially help reduce some of those losses. This week’s panel… Read More

It’s too early to call time of death on any wheat crop just yet…mostly. The trouble is that wheat, like all crops, is rather valuable right now, and if there’s crop forwarded contracted, it’s important to make sure there’s enough to deliver. But how do you make the call on what’s enough of a crop… Read More

It’s time for a fun — ok, they are all fun, but even more fun than usual — episode of The Agronomists. It’s time for a free-for-all, featuring questions from you, the audience! Tonight’s episode is fuelled by host Lyndsey Smith, and guests Peter “Wheat Pete” Johnson, RealAgriculture’s resident agronomist, and Jeremy Boychyn, agronomy research… Read More

Let’s face it, variety selection can be a pretty daunting task. What specific traits do you focus on? How many should you grow? Do we focus purely on yield? We’ve got a full lineup to help us navigate through the ins and outs of choosing a variety for 2022: Nate Ort of the Canola Council… Read More

Farmers and agronomists across Ontario are struggling with a few pest and agronomic challenges right now. From decreased corn stalk integrity, to western bean cutworm, and on to lodged or early death in beans, a relatively good year is still throwing some curve balls. For this episode of The Agronomists, host Lyndsey Smith is joined… Read More

Ontario farmers are well into wheat harvest now, though rain is holding things up, while the west eyes an approaching harvest few are looking forward to. As we shift to thinking about harvest, it also means it’s time to think about setting up for success for next year, and that starts at the combine. Joining… Read More

After a week away, we’re glad to be back! This episode of The Agronomists focuses on something we don’t always talk about: forage! Host Lyndsey Smith is joined by Christine O’Reilly, forage specialist with Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA), and Peter Johnson’s alter ego: Peter “Wheatgrass” Johnson. Catch a new episode… Read More

Whether you are in a dry or wet part of the country, we are all asking the same thing: how deep do I seed my crop? Do I chase the moisture? How deep is too deep? If I seed in the dust, will the bins really bust? All of these questions, and more, are answered… Read More

Losing nitrogen fertilizer is costly to the bottom line, and to our environment. Managing losses starts with identifying how N is lost, where it is most vulnerable to loss, and using the technology we have to minimize those losses. For this episode of The Agronomists, host Lyndsey Smith is joined by Ray Dowbenko and Peter… Read More


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