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The SeedPod — Ep 10: Battling Fusarium and Ergot with a Colour Sorter and Gravity Table

The seed growing season doesn’t really end at harvest. Once a seed crop is harvested the grower needs to condition and clean the seed to get the lot sample up to a certified grade. Seed cleaning plants have many shapes and sizes, but the overall process is the same — taking the harvested crop and sifting out… Read more »

Ergot in Egypt — One Event or Symptom?

A guest editorial submitted by Cam Dahl, President of Cereals Canada: It is baffling. Egypt is a country facing food shortages yet they are blocking wheat shipments from around the world. Their quarantine agency has decided to impose a zero tolerance for ergot. This is despite the fact that the contracts signed by Egypt’s central buying… Read more »

From Field to Feed: Understanding Ergot

Ergot (often refered to as “Ergot of Rye”) is a disease caused by the plant fungus Claviceps pururea. It’s history with humans is rich and painful, believed to be a contributing factor in the Salem Witch Trials, and the diagnoses of “Holy Fire,” later termed “St. Anthony’s Fire.” Today, it is regarded as a highly… Read more »

Ergot Poisoning Symptoms and Prevention in Cattle

A plant disease caused by the fungus Claviceps purpurea, ergot, is nothing new, nor is its affect on animals who consume it. In fact, humans who ingested the fungus in the middle ages were said to have a problem known as “St. Anthony’s fire,” whereby narrowing of blood vessels would occur, and would often lead to changes… Read more »

Tolerance Levels for Ergot, Sclerotinia and Fusarium Changing for 2014

The Canadian Grain Commission recently announced upcoming changes to tolerance levels for Ergot, Sclerotinia and Fusarium. The new levels will help create uniformity and simplify assessment. “These grading changes are not only uniform between Eastern and Western Canada, they also ensure Canada’s grain continues to uphold its reputation for quality and safety.” said Elwin Hermanson, chief commissioner,… Read more »

Under the Microscope: Ergot on the Rise in Harvest Samples Across the West

This years harvest samples show an alarming rise in ergot infection in wheat crops. The information comes from a Canadian Grain Commission report that shows upwards of 20 percent of western Canadian wheat crops have some degree of ergot infection. Ergot tolerances are very tight due to the toxic qualities of the ergot body that… Read more »

Where Art Thou Plant 2017? — This Week in the Grain Markets

Grain markets ended the month of April on generally jovial terms as weather concerns (AKA premiums) are playing to the minds of the bullish speculators. For the week, oats was the biggest performer, up 5.3%, followed by Chicago’s soft red wheat market, gaining 2.55%. Corn gained 0.5% on planting concerns while soybeans fell 0.55% on the… Read more »

Fundamentals vs Speculation — This Week in the Grain Markets

Grains finished the first full week of March on a lower note, mainly due to a stronger U.S. Dollar and a relatively bearish WASDE report from the USDA on Thursday. Oats was the only real winner of the week, up 2.15%, whereas as soyoil was the biggest loser, down 5.5% since last Friday as WTI… Read more »

Hoping for Better — This Week in the Grain Market

Grains this week got some love from the bulls as the market rallied on some short covering, strong international demand, and harvest concerns (also known as weather premiums). Wheat was the big winner of the week, climbing 6.5%, with oats and corn following closely behind at 4.8% and 4.7% higher on the week for front-month… Read more »

Production Comas — This Week in the Grain Markets

Grains ended the month of September on higher note as more weather premiums got priced into the market with the inclement rains slowing Harvest 2016. For the week, grains ended relatively unchanged but, as we come to the end of the quarter, things are much lower (see associated chart). The majority of grains are below… Read more »

Asking Premium Questions — This Week in the Grain Markets

Grain markets this week were fairly volatile as the market swayed on harvest pressures, fresh policy announcements, and wet weather slowing down Harvest 2016 and/or affecting its quality. Soyoil was the leader for the week, up 4.25% on palm oil touching two-year highs in Asian markets. This intuitively supported canola, which was up almost 2.5%… Read more »

Harvest Limitations — This Week in the Grain Markets

Grains pushed through the first full week of September with a mix of bearish and bullish headlines, but mostly of the latter as a weaker U.S. Dollar, wet weather, and decent export numbers being supportive. Corn was the shining star for the week, up 3.5% in Chicago, mainly supported by ethanol being up more than… Read more »

Ready for a Change of Pace — This Week in the Grain Markets

Grains continued to be pressured by the Harvest 2016 season and continuous benign weather in the U.S. that are keeping crop conditions and yield projections at elevated levels. Estimates on the U.S. corn crop ranges between 170 and 175 bu/ac, suggesting around a 15-billion-bushel crop, while soybean yield estimates are sitting between 48.5 and 50.5… Read more »

Fanning The Flames — This Week in the Markets

Grains through the middle of May saw fund buying continue to try keep the elevated prices where they’re at after some bearish weather and crop progress reports. Some warmer temperatures in the forecast for June across many parts of North America’s major growing regions have been offset by some timely rains in many locations. More… Read more »

Tossing a Coin — This Week in the Grain Markets

Grains this morning were able to make some gains on short-covering and more weather headlines scaring the bears away. Drew Lerner of World Weather Inc. says that the longer it takes for El Nino to dissipate, the likelier that we’ll see a drier spring in western areas of the Canadian Prairies. Conversely, Lerner suggested that… Read more »