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Celebrating a Year of #farm365

At 2:03am, January 1st, 2015, Andrew Campbell tweeted a photo of a newborn calf on his family’s dairy farm in southwestern Ontario, kicking off a year of highs and lows posting farm photos on social media every day with the #farm365 hashtag. The project’s goal was to shed more light on the daily happenings on a… Read more »

People Crave Information about Farming — The Trials and Tribulations of #farm365

The great thing about social media — like Twitter and Facebook — is that it provides a megaphone for farmers, a group of people who have struggled for decades to be heard by consumers. The flipside is, of course, that technology doesn’t discriminate; a megaphone for farmers is a megaphone for everybody else, too. Which… Read more »

Farmers Speak Up — Perspectives on the #farm365 Activist Backlash

What started out as a commitment to agvocacy has quickly turned into a social media frenzy of a very nasty kind — animal rights activists have highjacked the #farm365 hashtag and are posting memes, pro-vegan slogans and calling out farmers as, well, murderers. Of course, there’s also a hefty dose of other farmers following Andrew… Read more »

Following Along on the #farm365 with Andrew Campbell

Are you ready to get farming? Alarm goes off at the same time each morning so we can start milking around 5. #farm365 — Andrew Campbell (@FreshAirFarmer) January 2, 2015 Curious about what happens on a dairy and grain farm each and every day? Farmer from southwestern Ontario and monthly columnist here at Real… Read more »

52 Weeks, 52 Farms — Andrew Campbell’s Plan for 2017

London, Ontario-area dairy farmer and Real Ag contributor Andrew Campbell is at it again (or still!), launching another online ag awareness project for 2017. Following up on his work with #farm365, he’s planning to visit and shine a spotlight on 52 Canadian farms in 52 weeks. “I thought it’d be kind of neat to start touring other… Read more »

How Much Time Should it Take to Tell Your Story? 4Hers Weigh In

How much, or how little, should you drink? How much money should your kids get for allowance? How much should you set aside for holidays, for retirement? How much time should you spend on communications, and what should you do? You may have grappled with the some of the questions above. But most farmers have… Read more »

Andrew Campbell Named ’16 Farm & Food Care Champion

Andrew Campbell, a dairy farmer from Strathroy, Ontario and a frequent contributor here on Real Agriculture, has been recognized for his work raising awareness about farming. Andrew received the 2016 Farm & Food Care Ontario Champion Award at the organization’s annual meeting in Milton on Wednesday. While he’s frequently interviewed by non-ag media and writes… Read more »

Don’t Get Lulled by Quiet Times in Ag: Public Understanding is an Urgent Matter

Grain prices today are okay (thanks to the weak Canadian dollar). Crop yields last year were decent. Livestock prices are not what they were, but they’re not in the tank. Supply management looks to be secure for the time being. The Wheat Board is gone. COOL has been repealed. We don’t have a grain transportation… Read more »

365 Days Down

When I started the #farm365 project on January 1, 2015, I couldn’t have imagined that simply taking a picture a day from around the farm would generate so much interest from the media, from consumers and from my fellow farmers. Looking back over last year, I thought I’d share my 5 biggest surprises: Surprise 1… Read more »

Fed Up With Vegan Spam

When we were kids, SPAM wasn’t a big meal item for us – but we did have it once in a while and I always loved a good SPAM sandwich. How taste buds change. I can’t handle the stuff anymore. I also am getting fed up with the spam that supposed animal rights activists are… Read more »

The National Agriculture Leaders Debate — Live Blog

The Canadian Federation of Agriculture is hosting an agriculture debate, today, in Ottawa. Follow along on Twitter: #AgDebate, #Elxn42Ag. In attendance: Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food, Hon.Gerry Ritz Malcolm Allen, NDP Agriculture Critic Mark Eyking, Liberal Agriculture Critic Andrew West, Green Party candidate for Kanata-Carleton Yves Lessard, Bloc Québécois candidate for Beloeil-Chambly Moderator: Andrew Campbell, farmer,… Read more »

Ag Education in the Time of Mommy Bloggers

With two young children around our house, I often wonder if our parental intuition is weaker than it was for my parents or grandparents. When one of the kids feels hot, we take their temperature. We are pretty sure they have a fever – but can’t remember for sure what that threshold is, so we… Read more »

Nasty Spring Storm Pummels Parts of Eastern Prairies

A combination of rain, snow, freezing temperatures and strong winds rolled through the eastern side of the Canadian prairies over the Victoria Day long weekend, leaving farmers wondering about the fate of their crops and when they’ll be able to resume seeding (or begin re-seeding). 70 to 80 percent of this year’s crop is seeded… Read more »

Caution: This Headline Doesn’t Tell the Whole Story — Putting News in Context

Reporting news is a complicated process. When writing or telling a story, a reporter makes hundreds of decisions — some intentional, some unintentional — on what to share with the audience and what to leave out. In making a story understandable and engaging, the reporter or editor will often boil down an issue to a single piece… Read more »

Speaking Up Without Fear — Here’s to the Charlie Hebdo in us all

I’m a big proponent of farmers speaking out, of advocacy and of standing up to activists. It’s encouraging that Don McCabe, recently elected president of the Ontario Federation of Agriculture, said in his 2015 outlook address Friday that the federation’s advocacy role has never been more important. The same goes for beef producers. Their new… Read more »