The 2019 Herbicide Resistance Management Webinar is your chance to learn about herbicide resistance best practices and innovations from industry experts. Join us on March 20th.  Please note that the webinar will kick off at 8:00 am MST. Click here to register now and reserve your spot. Hosted by Shaun Haney, Founder of Real Agriculture, you’ll… Read More

There are a number of reasons why herbicides sometimes fail to control weeds. Perhaps surprisingly, one of the easier things to rule out is whether the weed is herbicide resistant. Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs weed specialist Mike Cowbrough says many universities across Canada conduct testing for herbicide resistance, but growers have… Read More

“If it doesn’t impact me, I don’t care…” I have attended many conferences across Canada and nothing gets farmers to fall asleep faster than speeches of the threat (actually, it’s reality) of herbicide resistance. For many farmers, it seems, they either don’t see this as something that impacts them or they don’t think it’s as serious an… Read More

What’s the difference between non-performance of a herbicide application and weeds being resistant to the herbicide application? While less-than-stellar control can happen for a number of reasons, it’s usually marked by sprayer-associated-patterns in a field. Herbicide resistance, however, can be much more subtle but far more serious in the long run. Herbicide resistant weeds are… Read More