It’s been a while since we heard anything on the Bill 36 front. In fact, the last big news regarding Alberta’s Land Stewardship Act was that it was to be suspended pending a review by the government’s property rights task force. Well, the review process is finished and it appears as if Premier Allison Redford’s… Read More

The Power of the Alberta Government's Bill 50 Shocks Keith Wilson

If you thought that the Land Stewardship Act (Bill 36) was crazy well you have to check out what Keith Wilson, Wilson Law Office is saying about Bill 50.  In an effort to export power to the United States the Alberta government is going to over build the transmission infrastructure inside this province.  Also note… Read More

Keith Wilson Talks About His Meeting with Mel Knight and the Proposed Amendments to Bill 36

The Land Stewardship Act has become a very controversial topic within the borders of Alberta.  In December, posted an interview with Keith Wilson discussing the potential hazards of the law and why farmers and ranchers should be very concerned.  We received many emails on this original story and interview from around North America.  It… Read More

Here we are again at the end of another year. It’s been a great year at Our YouTube channel has had over 150,000 views this year and our website traffic has grown dramatically. We’ve met some great people and covered some fascinating stories. We’ve also come together in some great new partnerships to launch… Read More

Is this Alberta or the Former Soviet Union? - The Land Stewardship Act is Unbelievable

< p style=”text-align: center;”> You Need to Be Concerned About Bill 36 – The Land Stewardship Act By Shaun Haney I have to admit that I have missed the boat on this one.  I have been hearing many different people talk about the Land Stewardship Act and why as a farmer you should be concerned… Read More

Cattlewomen for the Cure – raised $102,000 for War Amps charity. Thanks Keith Ypma for matching funds! #wow #awesome — Deborah Wilson (@DeborahJWilson) August 18, 2015 Jenna Will and Hilary Pritchard are golfing in Cattlewomen for the Cure’s Charity Golf Tournament today! #CHAMP — Pritchard & Co Law (@PCo_LLP) August 17, 2015 Had… Read More


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