In the last Beef Research School episode, we took a virtual walk through a riparian area to assess its health. Healthy riparian areas, that transitional zone from pasture to waterway, are critical to decreasing riverbank erosion and nutrient migration to waterways. Once you’ve determined the general health of your riparian areas, it’s time to put… Read More

How often do you walk the waterways, riverbanks and marshy areas of your pastures? These transitional areas from pasture to waterway, called riparian zones, are vital to soil and water health and deserve attention now and again to ensure cattle haven’t been too hard on them, or that invasive species or undesired species have moved… Read More

The news cycle has picked up on the Clean Fuel Standard (CFS) issue recently, but the topic isn’t all that new. The policy has been developed over the past couple of years — since about 2016 — according to the CFS website under the government of Canada’s environment and natural resources arm. “I think the… Read More

Environmental Defence and Freshwater Future Canada released a four-point action plan this week entitled Clean, Not Green: Tackling Algal Blooms in the Great Lakes. The plan comes in the wake of recent, serious algal blooms in the Great Lakes (specifically Lake Erie) and looks to improve agricultural practices, city planning, education and policy around maintaing clean water… Read More

A collaborative program between six major crop commissions will look at the role of wetlands and their ecosystem services, over three years. “We’re very excited this year that we have a collaborative program to monitor Alberta’s wetlands,” says Nevin Rosaasen, policy and program specialist with Alberta Pulse Growers. “What we’re looking for is, first off,… Read More


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