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3 Guiding Principles of Conservation Agriculture for a Large-Scale Operation

Water walks, not runs, off Seth Watkins’ farm. That’s the first of three principles Watkins uses to guide the agronomic decisions he makes on Pinhook Farms, based in Iowa. Watkins, who raises corn, soybeans and cattle across several counties in Iowa, spoke recently at the World Congress on Conservation Agriculture to share his experience with… Read more »

Finding a Home for Biodiversity in Intensive Cropping Systems —  Blake Vince

This week, Winnipeg, Man., hosted the World Congress on Conservation Agriculture — a three day event that brought together research and extension staff with farmers and industry to discuss the state of conservation agriculture all over the world. Conservation agriculture, a combination of zero-tillage, cover crops, extensive crop rotation and more, looks very different from… Read more »

A First Look at the Upcoming World Congress on Conservation Agriculture

In two months’ time, people from around the world will meet up in Winnipeg, Manitoba, to share their knowledge and experiences with conservation agriculture. This is the first time the event, the sixth of its kind, has been hosted in North America. The World Congress on Conservation Agriculture will bring together researchers, industry and, most… Read more »