Alfalfa is so cool, it can run ice in its “veins.” Or at least, that’s the best explanation we’ve got for the crop making it through extremely cold weather earlier this month. In this week’s Wheat Pete’s Word, host Peter Johnson discusses both alfalfa and wheat’s adaptability, swapping corn varieties based on the calendar, inoculating… Read More

What effect will extreme cold temperatures have on early-season weed control? That’s a question University of Guelph, Ridgetown College weed scientist Dr. Peter Sikkema has been hearing a lot lately. With farm fields across Ontario being punished by extreme cold temperatures that have dropped to nighttime lows of minus 5 degrees C, many growers are… Read More

By Peter Johnson, RealAg Agronomist, @WheatPete It is COLD! There are lots of questions right now about how low nighttime temperatures in the forecast might impact Ontario’s awesome wheat crop. I am hoping this is just another one of those times that growers like to “kill” the wheat crop, but the reality is that there… Read More