A non-winter for much of Ontario and a milder-than-average early spring for parts of Western Canada has got farmers and entomologists on high alert. Parts of Ontario are as much as two or three weeks ahead of the 10-year average for growing degree accumulation, and because insect development is driven by heat, those first crops… Read More

Calendar dates can be thrown out when it comes to scouting for weeds and early nitrogen application in Ontario, as growing degree accumulation is well ahead of normal. As part of this week’s edition of Wheat Pete’s Word, host Peter Johnson discusses the implications of crops being ahead of schedule, the confirmation of glyphosate-resistant lamb’s… Read More

Cover crops can do a number of things, such as hold soil in place, cycle nutrients, suppress weed growth, and fix nitrogen. They can also interfere with planting and seeding the next crop if not terminated properly. There are several options available for terminating cover crops: choosing species that will winterkill (most of the time!),… Read More


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