Author: Andrew Campbell

Andrew is a dairy farmer in southern Ontario who also specializes in helping farmers learn about social media and advocacy. Once broadcasting farm news reports on the radio, he still likes to keep a close eye on news and issues relating to agriculture. Andrew is the owner of Fresh Air Media (, has a mild addiction to Twitter and believes the Brier & Scotties are the most important sporting events in the country.

The Corporation Conundrum: Why Consumers Hate Monsanto, But Love Their iPhones

On a warm evening last summer, I sat around a backyard barbeque with a number of people my wife works with. This group tends to be quite removed from the farm, naturally because many of them were raised in the city, and now live and work there as well. When discussing where the delicious watermelon… Read more »

The Sliding Scale of Animals as Our Equals: Which Are Pets, Livestock or Neither?

A number of years ago, one of the first farm meetings I attended as a young radio reporter on the agriculture beat had a speaker talking on a subject that few farmers had considered. It was on what role activism would play in food production down the road, and how farmers could react. At the… Read more »

Ag Literacy Starts in the Home Room

It’s March and I can almost taste spring. Certainly the thermometer around here isn’t part of that – but the slightly longer days and that first day of spring marked on the calendar for later this month – has me longing for it. Dream with me of those warm spring nights in the field filling… Read more »

Can Restaurants Lead Ag Education? Truth in Marketing Would be a Start

When it comes to meat, poultry is continuing to see big demand across the country, largely because of  our appetite for chicken. The Canadian Meat Council says that in 2010 the average Canadian ate almost 16 kilograms of poultry compared to 13 kg of beef and 12 kg of pork. Moving forward, poultry demand will… Read more »

Digging Deeper on Labels: What Does “Certified Humane” Really Mean?

Competition to get you to a grocery store is higher than ever before. With a fierce marketplace and incredibly diverse set of consumer demands, grocers are working hard to get you to their store and make you a loyal customer. Retailers’ most common weapon in the battle for loyalty seems to be providing murky information… Read more »

Remembering Why I Farm, Even in the Face of Negativity

Ahead of a presentation I was about to give to dairy farmers in British Columbia, one of the organizers warned me about the chance of a few protestors from the group PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) protesting the event. It wasn’t expected to be very large, maybe a dozen people or so,… Read more »

Farming Choices are Rarely an Either/Or Decision

“There are no facts, only interpretations,” is a common quote I refer to from poet Friedrich Nietzsche. Modernizing the language, I take it as, “Facts don’t matter, only the perception.” The struggle for perception in food is at an all time high. I talked last month about A&W’s perception of what ‘Better Beef’ represents, despite… Read more »

I’m Done with fearing food and done with A&W: Andrew Campbell

There are hormones in your food! What’s worse, they are in you! Alarmed yet? You shouldn’t be, and I’ll tell you why, plus why I’m done with marketing gimmicks and done with A&W Canada. Yes, there are hormones in your food, but are they something to fear? A&W certainly thinks so, with a new campaign… Read more »

Make the most of #farmerlove

We are in a battle. It may not seem all that bad right now as our combines roll and livestock gets sold. Sure, we hear talk about hormones and GMOs and animal treatment and all of that other stuff. But people keep lining up at the grocery store and buying food. After all, they need… Read more »

Tweet Responsibly Or You Hurt Us All

Twitter really is an amazing tool. The ability to share information and have conversations with people around the world is one of my favourite parts. But, like everything, there is always a down side. It is a downside across all social media networks that people can say things that aren’t true and can easily mix… Read more »

Feds Deal a Lose-Lose for Industry Funding

Government cutbacks aren’t surprising for anyone. They’ve been debated, we’ve been warned, and now the axe is falling. Of course that makes words like ‘streamlining’ and ‘efficiency’ go-to terms, even though there is no proof, and instead of loss of local control. The perfect example is news that should be devastating for the entire industry…. Read more »

TVO Puts Supply Management on “The Agenda”

Talk about supply management and whether or not it should fit in Canada’s future continues to find a place in our media. To be honest, whenever I see a link for a National Post article relating to the system for dairy, poultry and eggs, I have a hard time clicking since I can usually guess… Read more »