Author: Brennan Turner

Brennan Turner is originally from Foam Lake, SK, where his family started farming the land in the 1920s. After completing his degree in economics from Yale University and then playing some pro hockey, he spent some time working in finance before starting, a risk-free, transparent online and mobile grain marketplace (app available for iOS & Android). His weekly column is a summary of his free, daily market note, the FarmLead Breakfast Brief. He can be reached via email ([email protected]) or phone (1-855-332-7653).

WASDE Confusion, Corn Stockpiles and Fall-Back Questions — This Week in the Grain Markets

Grain markets this week took a hard tumble as, on Wednesday, the USDA performed a dramatic leg sweep of the market with their August WASDE report. It completely blew most expectations out of the water as to where supply for the 2015/16 year sat. Instead of U.S. corn and soybean yields dropping to 164.5 and… Read more »

Grain Markets Hit a Mid-Summer Slump— What’s Your Plan for Harvest Sales?

Grains this week were a bit boring as rain landing in most growing areas across North America and even Australia prompted a few estimate increases despite the lingering threat of an El Niño. Friday did bring some action as a lower U.S. dollar and some strong U.S. export sales helped pull the complex higher for… Read more »

Rough Waters — A Choppy Ride for the End-of-Crop-Year Grain Markets

Grain trade this week was quite choppy as the usual suspects of weather, currency swings, and #harvest15 firing up being exacerbated by the closing of the month of July (meaning funds and other speculators may have looked to clean up their books a bit). Monday might’ve been the worst as front-month contracts for soybeans and… Read more »

This Week in the Grain Markets — Whose Numbers Need a Reality Check?

The grain markets continued to push lower this week as favourable weather and temperatures and a strong U.S. dollar did not help any bullish players. Wheat has had nine straight sessions of going lower, dropping over 7.5 per cent in last week, while corn had its worst week in the past year, down almost seven… Read more »

The Slowing of the Grain Bulls — This Week in the Markets

Grain markets this week were about 2-3% lower on the front-month contracts as weather/growing conditions have improved, slowing down the running of the grain bulls (especially since there aren’t any demand headlines for them to chase after). And it’s no wonder the bulls need a breather. Between abundant rains in the Midwest, dry weather in… Read more »

An Up Week in the Markets Driven By Weather Woes; WASDE Holds Some Wheat Surprises

Grain prices were all higher this week and ended with a WASDE report on Friday that the market read as bullish, even though the numbers didn’t fully imply that. Does the market just not believe the numbers, or perhaps it feels more cuts are on the way? Either way, weather is creating fairly volatile trading… Read more »

Directional Volatility — This Week in the Markets

June 30 was a big day in 1867: the eve before the birth of this great nation. This year, nearly 150 years later, it marked the end of the trading month, the end of the trading quarter, the final day for Greece to accept new financial austerity measures or make a €1.6 Billion loan payment (they did… Read more »

Fireworks and Tears — This Week in the Grain Markets

Grains had a big week in the markets with everything ending in the green thanks to wet weather in the U.S. Midwest, and drier weather in Western Canada and Europe. November canola on the Winnipeg exchange nearly touched $12/bu, winter corn and soybean contracts pushed above $4/bu and $10/bu (respectively) in Chicago, and we’re starting… Read more »

Rain (in other places) Is Spoiling the Grain Market Parade

Grain prices started falling back this week as moisture finally hit some areas of Western Canada and reported decent conditions of already-planted crops in the Midwest. There are, however, a significant amount of soybean acres that still have not been planted in major states like Missouri, Illinois, and Iowa because of persistent wet conditions. Ultimately,… Read more »

El Nino, Wheat and Russian Rubles — This Week in the Grain Markets

Grain prices ended the week lower with rains arriving in some major growing regions. The market’s main focus now is on where rain is falling, and in what quantities, specifically eyeing Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, & Iowa where a fair amount of acres still have to go in. SovEcon recently raised their expectations for the Russian crop to… Read more »

This Week in the Markets — Pivotal Weather Events, Finding Premiums & Production Risk

Crop quality was the big question on the mind of the market for this first week of June, as the entire grains and oilseed complex moved higher. Despite seeing the largest one-day drop for the U.S. dollar earlier in the week since 2013 (it rebounded on Friday), weather issues were completely at the steering wheel… Read more »

This Ain’t 2012 — Weather, Government Targets Push Markets This Week

Grains saw a choppy end to the trading month of May as government reports seemed to sway the market the most. Corn and wheat prices on the futures board saw their values fall as USDA crop progress reports reminded everyone that a lot of corn is already in the ground and that wheat crops in… Read more »

Warm Weather Predictions, ‘Green’ Canola and Mother Russia Opens the Gates for Wheat — This Week in the Grain Markets

Grain markets pulled back from their hot start to the week with only canola finishing in the green, its July contract climbing to close the week at $463.20/metric tonne, thanks to a stronger U.S. dollar. Wheat and corn prices did have a hot start to the week because of concerns of sub-zero temperatures and a depreciating… Read more »

Progress, Predictions and Deciding When to Sell — This Week in the Grain Markets

What a week! Seeding continues in Canada and the United States well ahead of schedule, creating bearish implications. That being said, freezing temperatures are in the forecast for a few areas and so the percentage complete could be lower than what officials are predicting. The lower U.S. dollar has also provided support to all commodity… Read more »

Good Weather Reins in the Bulls — The Markets This Week

The grains complex ended the week on the up and up thanks to weather concerns, strong international purchasing, and the Kansas crop tour showing fields that came in below expectations. The oilseed complex was boosted by soybean oil and meal technicals, labour issues in South America, and Chinese buying. On the wheat side, Egypt bought… Read more »