Although insecticide products containing lambda-cyhalothrin, such as Matador and Silencer, are registered and will be available for sale in Ontario for the 2023 growing season, some producer groups are cautioning against use of the products due to possible end-use trouble. The updated label for April 2023 removes feed crops as an approved application, but as… Read More

As farms decrease tillage passes, swathers get parked, and planters become more precise, there are fewer forgiving field passes to train new drivers on. While many current equipment operators likely learned to manoeuvre large machines running the harrows or knocking down crop, these opportunities are fewer overall. What’s more, the seeding and planting window is… Read More

The Canadian agriculture system is complex and integrated from start to finish. What does that mean? It means that grain systems might include forages, manure, or livestock, and fruit and vegetable systems might send byproducts to be fed to livestock to avoid expensive tipping fees and adding to landfills and waste. Even in the vegetable… Read More

Not everyone is a numbers person, but most who run a business know the value of crunching income and expenses well ahead of the final tallies. Budgets can take many forms, from a scribbled down input/output scenario, to templates and spreadsheets, or a completely invisible version that lives only in someone’s head. There are pros… Read More

There are fewer farmers every year in Canada. That’s just reality. The impacts of a shrinking demographic are complex and far-reaching, but also sometimes right in front of us — like now, during the Annual General Meeting season of producer groups. The same farmer attending four different meetings, for example, doesn’t necessarily make the most sense,… Read More

Let’s set aside for a moment the questionable taste of farm show and conference coffee or why the mugs are the size of thimbles, and instead let’s celebrate the return to the Learning Season. While the tradeshow season begins in the fall, the learning conferences kick off the first week of January and don’t relent… Read More

Looking ahead to a new year and a new production season with optimism is exciting, and there are plenty of good reasons for farmers to be in a positive mindset for ’23. Challenges can create opportunities, too, so even the less-good can end up manageable with the right plan. As we look to the year… Read More

Prior to November of this year, plenty of Western Canadian farmers would have listed flea beetles as one of the major insect pests of canola. Then, just last week, distributors of the insecticide active lambda-cyhalothrin (sold as Matador and Silencer) announced they were pulling the product out of retail and likely not returning it for… Read More


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