As expected by a majority of analysts, the Bank of Canada lowered the overnight rate by twenty-five basis points. It’s the first rate cut in four years. For farmers with floating or variable rate loans, this will be welcome news. “With further and more sustained evidence underlying inflation is easing, monetary policy no longer needs… Read More

The latest Saskatchewan crop report, dated May 30th, shows farmers have made significant seeding progress. According to the report, 77 per of seeding is now complete, though this remains behind the five-year average of 91 per cent and the ten-year average of 89 percent. Despite these figures, crop emergence is reported to be in excellent to… Read More

New survey data shows around half of farms that have farmland rental agreements up for renewal this year are expecting rental rates to increase, with some anticipating a significant jump in the land rent component of their cost of production. Rising land rent costs are coinciding with the increasing cost of owning land, as borrowing… Read More

Farmers across Canada are feeling varying levels of certainty about their ability to market their crops effectively at a time when the market has bounced off of the lows seen through the winter months, according to the latest survey for the Canadian Farmer Sentiment Index, conducted by RealAgristudies. Note: The Canadian Farmer Sentiment Index is… Read More

The April 2024 results from the Canadian Farmer Sentiment Index reveal a nuanced picture of current farm financial performance nationwide, highlighting the variations in sentiment across demographics and farm types. This latest installment of the survey, which reflects farmers’ financial status today compared to 12 months ago, presents an intriguing shift: for the first time… Read More

With farm profitability being a concern for 2024 comes speculation that the equipment industry will face sales challenges as a result. Every month the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) provides an analysis of the new equipment sales environment for Canada and the United States. In Canada (see table below), the April numbers show strength in… Read More

Drought conditions in the last couple of years have led to St. Mary River Irrigation District (SMRID) south of Lethbridge signing new water sharing memorandums of understanding amongst users in four sub-basins of southern Alberta. Without a significant change in reservoir levels, the water allocation for the 2024 year stands at eight inches of water… Read More

Jacob Shapiro of Cognitive Investments is back for another episode of Frontlines. Joining host Shaun Haney, Shapiro delves into the complex dynamics of current Middle Eastern geopolitics which continues to find increased escalation among a broader set of countries. When it comes to the Middle East it is difficult to gain a full understanding of… Read More

Canada is a trade-reliant nation across several industries, agriculture included. Canada’s primary producers have mixed opinions on the real value of trade, however. In a recent RealAgristudies survey, only 52 per cent of Canadian farmers and ranchers perceive trade and market access as having a positive impact on their operations. This statistic, though seemingly modest,… Read More

Southern Alberta has been in a multi-year drought, so when the most substantial snowfall in, well, years, fell last week, there’s been plenty of talk of how to keep the snow where it is in hopes it percolates in to the soil. There’s also been action, and one farmer’s innovative approach to water conservation has… Read More

For the exportable commodities such as canola, pork, beef, seafood, and wheat, trade is a fundamental staple of creating value for products being produced by Canadian agriculture. Canada is an export-reliant nation with vast agricultural production and production potential, but only forty million people in population. According to CAFTA, Canada is the fifth largest exporter… Read More

The Association of Equipment Manufacturers is out with their February 2024 sales reports for new machinery in Canada and the United States. Softer projected profitability in 2024 is being reflected in machinery sales early in the calendar year. Sales in the United states are lower across all categories year-to-date.  Two-wheel drive tractors are down 14.4%,… Read More

In the ever-evolving world of agriculture, understanding the sentiment among Canadian farmers towards their financial future is more crucial than ever. Recent data from RealAgristudies Canadian Farmer Sentiment Index sheds light on this very topic, revealing both optimism and concern in different sectors of the industry. Broadly speaking, the sentiment around future farm financial performance… Read More


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