Your farm works best when you have the right tools for the job. Having the right financial tool to serve your working capital needs this growing season also sets your farm up for success. An Advance Payments Program cash advance from Canadian Canola Growers Association is designed for farmers, giving you flexibility in how it’s… Read More

The FCC Farmland Values Report showed increases for 2023, raising land affordability challenges for farm operations. Generally, the cost to rent farmland is lower than financing, making it a worthy alternative to support cash flow and minimize financial risk. Location is always a key factor, and with many rental agreements locked in for multiple years,… Read More

These days, the Canadian Federal Government and multinational food companies are investing hundreds of millions to support BMPs on Canadian farms. Here’s the thing, nobody knows your operation better than you do. These programs need YOUR feedback on what you want and need. Everyone in agriculture is focused on productivity and profitability, and so Food Water Wellness… Read More

Why are phosphate and sulfur better together? Research shows that when you apply both phosphate and sulfur in your nutrient management program, you can drive synergy. “When you apply the phosphate and the sulfur together, now you’ve got a yield advantage that you would otherwise not have if you were to skip one of those… Read More

Agronomy in high resolution is progressing as SWAT CAM continues to be implemented on hundreds of farms, so far across three countries. This automated imaging system is designed to capture, assess, and evaluate crop establishment and weed pressure. This has completely revolutionized the traditional approach to crop scouting and plant stand assessment by replacing labour… Read More

Welcome to the latest episode of The Canola PODcast, sponsored by InVigor® hybrid canola from BASF! In this episode, host Shaun Haney, founder of RealAgriculture, delves into the topic of clubroot with Russell Trischuk, Regional Technical Services Manager with BASF, and Leighton Blashko, a Senior Technical Service Specialist and clubroot lead for BASF Canada. They… Read More

We’re looking back at some of the most important lessons we learned throughout 2023. Season 2 of The Dirt podKast aired with 38 episodes featuring an impressive lineup of guests and experts, from farmers to influencers to agronomists—and even a chuckwagon driver! The season took host Mike Howell all the way from the U.S. to… Read More

Understanding the need for better white mold management options, Colin Dutcheshen, President of Heads Up® Plant Protectants Inc., approached Matt Oehmichen, Owner of Short Lane Ag Supply LLC., with a proposal: find a progressive local farmer who has a field with a notorious history of white mold and is rotating back to soybeans in spring… Read More

Each year, farmers face increased pressure to meet demands for abundant, sustainable, high-quality outputs. In turn, we have seen a heightened need for innovative solutions that not only help you meet these demands, but also improve your bottom line. Biologicals provide natural tools to complement your current production practices—such as protecting your crops from pests… Read More

As we start the new year amid elevated inflation and major headwinds facing the economy, here are the FCC Economics team’s top charts to help make sense of the economic environment for farm operations and agribusinesses. Crops Canada’s canola crushers set a record in the first quarter of the 2023/24 marketing year as new capacity… Read More

Paying twice. With most nitrogen (N) sources you’ll have to make two or more applications to get your plants the N they need for season-long feeding. N loss. Many N sources are highly susceptible to leaching, volatilization, and denitrification that rob your plants of vital – and expensive – N. Not factoring in fuel costs…. Read More

Seamlessly connect to your grain bins to help manage grain quality and time It’s been a tough growing season and growers have been working hard for every bushel. Getting the most from their efforts means keeping close and constant track of both quantity and quality of product in the bin. When grain is shipped, growers… Read More

A new Simon Fraser University-based centre for agriculture technology is aiming to revolutionize agriculture practices in British Columbia. The B.C. Centre for Agritech Innovation (BCCAI) was established through a government initiative, receiving funding aimed at bolstering economic growth for small and medium-sized agritech companies over the next five years. It stands as a beacon of… Read More


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