“pH is easy to spell, but it’s more difficult to understand,” at least that’s what Dr. Larry Oldham, extension soil specialist at Mississippi State University Extension Service told Mike Howell when he and Dr. Clain Jones, Montana University soil fertility specialist, were guests on The Dirt podKast. Soil pH characterizes the soil as acidic (0-7),… Read More

Most prairie growers know that adding another herbicide to their spring glyphosate application pays big dividends. First, they’ll see better and more consistent weed control. Second, starting with a clean field helps protect yield potential and third, having another mode of action (or two or three) in the tank will help avoid resistance and thus… Read More

By Katie Grudeski, equipment sales consultant at Mazergroup As seeding technology has evolved so has row spacing. Where we used to plant using a six- or eight-inch spacing, we’ve moved up to 10 and 12 inches and now we’re seeing farmers using 15 inches. With the wider row spacing its providing benefits to the plant… Read More

Every canola farmer sort of holds their breath each spring as they watch their crop get through emergence to stand establishment. Once established, canola can bounce back from a lot but, until that time, it’s hugely vulnerable to early-season stressors, particularly insects like flea beetles and cutworms. Flea beetles have always been a problem. But… Read More

If you’ve decided it’s time to enter the digital farming world and feel a bit daunted by the array of choices, you’re not alone. Every farm is different so it’s important to have a clear idea of what your farm needs from a digital platform. Here are some key considerations as you evaluate digital products… Read More

Welcome to the fifth episode of the Canola PODcast, sponsored by InVigor hybrid canola from BASF. The series was designed to highlight useful tips and tricks growers can bring to their canola fields to help make every acre count. On this episode of the PODcast, Shaun Haney is joined by Nikki Vercaigne, Brand Manager for… Read More

Protect Your Grain: You’ve devoted time and money to your grain. Proper drying is essential to maintaining optimal moisture levels in your bin, says Ron Kleuskens, Technical Sales Representative at AGI. The condition of stored grain can deteriorate due to temperature variations and moisture levels. Drying moist grain before it goes into the bin makes… Read More

Sustainability has been a hot topic in agriculture for years, but at GFL Ag, we see beyond that. Growers are not only trying to sustain the farming activities on their farms, but to improve the land and resources available to ensure the farm’s longevity. New and innovative agricultural practices and products are needed to pave… Read More

Excitement is building in Alberta’s Peace Country and Northeast Saskatchewan. A new landmark appeared this summer near the village of Rycroft, Alberta: the 140-foot-tall concrete silos of the new G3 Rycroft grain elevator, due to open next year. “It looks like it’s going to be quite the high-end facility. You’ll be able to offload quick… Read More

Soil health and soil amendments are topics that have really gained traction in the last couple of years — and will continue to do so going forward. Black Earth is a Calgary, Alberta-based Canadian company, which produces and manufactures high quality humic products. The humic product can be used to regenerate the soil structure, and… Read More

AGI Westeel storage systems are built to endure and provide you with only the best options. Whether you’re looking to build or expand your operation, they have something for everyone. “It is important to choose the right grain storage system for your operation’s demands” says Jose Suazo, AGI Westeel product specialist. “This is something that… Read More

Sulphur is an essential nutrient that agricultural crops require for healthy growth and development. Typically, growers apply elemental sulphur in the fall to allow more time to oxidize. However, unlike traditional methods, Bio-Sul Premium Plus has flexible timing, which means you decide when it’s right for your farm. Learn about the benefits and differences between… Read More

This financial tool supports farmers’ cash flow Every fall you’re faced with important decisions about how best to market your crops or livestock, knowing you want to maximize your returns and generate essential farm cash flow. “Farmers need a financing tool that gives them flexibility to sell when the time and price are best for… Read More

Sometimes a decision to save time doesn’t have to cost more. When planning your farm’s crop nutrition plan, choosing Bio-Sul Premium Plus will help your crops benefit from season-long nutrition and increase the necessary nutrients that will boost your crop’s yield potential. Bio-Sul is a mix of Class 1 compost and elemental sulphur. The elemental… Read More


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