The Alberta government’s omnibus Bill 6 would impact farms and ranches by making Workers Compensation Board coverage mandatory, providing Occupational Health & Safety regulation in agriculture, implementing new labor laws and giving farm workers the ability to unionize. While the bill would affect agriculture, some of the complications in the communication of Bill 6 details are due to the… Read More

Lynn Jacobson, president of the Alberta Federation of Agriculture, joins us on this week’s TWORA to discuss his views on Bill 6, as we also cover some other noteworthy news stories from the past week: Listen to the TWORA podcast every Thursday! Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts | Spotify | RSS | All Podcasts

While there’s still a shortage of answers surrounding Bill 6, there’s no question the Alberta’s farm community’s response to the NDP government’s proposed farm labour legislation has captured the attention of many Albertans. RealAg’s Shaun Haney and Jeff Nonay of Lakeside Dairy, a farmer near Edmonton, were guests on The Ryan Jesperson Show on Thursday morning. Here’s their conversation,… Read More

Following several large protests and opposition from the farm community, the Alberta government on Tuesday announced amendments to “clarify” Bill 6 — The Enhanced Protection for Farm and Ranch Workers Act. The proposed changes would: make clear Workers’ Compensation Board coverage would be required only for paid employees, with an option for farmers to extend… Read More

The debate and protest over Bill 6 has taken several turns in the last ten days. One part of the debate has been over the definition of family farms in the discussion and whether family farms should be protected from Bill 6 legislation. Some farmers are pleading that the added costs of insurance are too expensive and… Read More

Details of Alberta’s proposed farm workplace regulations have yet to be formalized, but it’s important farmers remain engaged in shaping what any rules look like, says a farm leader from another NDP-run prairie province. Bill 6 would subject Alberta farms and ranches to Occupational Health and Safety Legislation while making Workers’ Compensation Board insurance coverage mandatory for workers…. Read More

Rallies continued in Alberta today, with many farmers and ranchers asking the NDP government to slow or halt Bill 6 – The Enhancement of Protection of Farm and Ranch Workers Act. “Alberta is the only province where OHS legislation does not apply to farms and ranches,” according to the Alberta Government’s FAQ page. “Alberta’s farm and ranch… Read More

Alberta’s crop commissions have joined forces in urging the provincial government to delay the implementation of its new farm safety and labour legislation to further consult with farmers. “The current government process is causing fear and uncertainty to grasp the industry. Farmers can provide good input and are the subject matter experts on what will… Read More

Farmers and ranchers made their way to the Alberta Legislature today, to voice opposition to Bill 6. Their concerns were largely centred around the loss of a ‘lifestyle,’ and the ‘family farm,’ should the bill move forward. The rally was organized on Facebook, with another planned for Monday. Related:  Alberta Labour Minister’s Perspective on Bill 6 –… Read More

Last week, the Alberta government announced the introduction of Bill 6, the Enhanced Protection for Farm and Ranchers Workers Act.  Farmers have engaged in a hefty amount of debate on the new legislation.  As the Minister of Jobs, Skills, Training and Labour states in the interview below, “this is a complex bill.” Read: Farm Safety Tradition is… Read More

The Enhanced Protection for Farm and Ranch Workers Act was introduced today to the Alberta Legislature. “Everyone deserves a safe, fair and healthy workplace. With this bill, workplace legislation will now extend to farms and ranches,” said Minister of Jobs, Skills, Training and Labour, Lori Sigurdson. “The rules we implement must respect the unique qualities… Read More


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