National hog and poultry groups are welcoming proposed legislation aimed at mitigating animal health risks from trespassers on farms. Conservative shadow minister for agriculture and Foothills MP John Barlow introduced Bill C-205 on Tuesday. The private member’s bill would make it an offence under the Health of Animals Act to enter, without lawful authority or… Read More

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) has implemented a “transition period” for the feed, water, and rest requirements for all livestock sectors, in addition to the previously announced grace period extended to beef and dairy animals. CFIA says it will use the first two years of the new regulation period, beginning February 2020, to “focus… Read More

Ontario has introduced its draft legislation to increase security on farms — the Security From Trespass and Protecting Food Safety Act, 2019. The focus, certainly, is on the biosecurity and food risk associated with non-authorized people traipsing through farms and interfering with animals on their way to slaughter. The act, likely to be passed in… Read More

In a move considered long overdue by livestock producers, transporters, and processors, Ontario’s agriculture department is set to introduce new legislation to better protect farmers, farms, and the food supply  from animal rights extremists. Ernie Hardeman, Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, is set to introduce the Security From Trespass and Protecting Food Safety… Read More

As the saying goes, if Henry Ford had listened to what his customers wanted, they would have said, “Faster horses.” For Nicole Zeni, that innovation philosophy means that while you do need to listen to your customers, you must be open to change, and challenged to thinking broadly and for the long term. Zeni manages… Read More

On Labour Day Monday a turkey farm in Southern Alberta had to deal with trespassing animal activists attempting to bring media attention to the way turkeys are raised. About 30 protesters descended on to Jumbo Valley Colony by camping out along the wall in the turkey barn. The protestors demanded for the media to be… Read More

Yet another undercover animal abuse video rolled out last week, filmed months ago by animal rights “activists,” and released just as tweets and photos celebrating June as Dairy Month began. In the same week, mainstream media published several stories following up on what many farmers had brought forward at the Standing Committee on Agriculture: that… Read More

U.S.-based Fair Oaks Farms dairy is under fire this week after an animal rights group circulated a video showing abuse of dairy calves at the  dairy. Fair Oaks is a supplier of Coca-Cola’s Fairlife milk brand. Owner Dr. Mike McCloskey posted a video statement on the company’s web page. In it, McCloskey apologizes for the… Read More

Earlier this year, the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (OSPCA) announced it would no longer carry out enforcement of Ontario’s animal welfare laws. The announcement has spurred Ontario’s government to evaluate how animal welfare enforcement is handled in the province and will shape new animal welfare legislation. As part of that… Read More

Some things are a fad — like fanny packs — whose popularity seems inexplicable, but wanes quickly. A fad, even as terrible as a fanny pack, can and does come full circle, as it is now, but it’s rare that its popularity will stand the test of time. A trend, however, is usually larger, more… Read More

The Ontario Federation of Agriculture and its members are calling on farmers and allies to contact their government representative over the increase in animal rights activists’ activities and the lack of prosecution of charges. There has been a marked increase in activist activity on farms and roadsides in Ontario over the past few months. At… Read More

Several Ontario producer groups and at least one lawyer are sounding the alarm on animal rights activists getting off scot-free in the province. Livestock producer groups are speaking out after a court decision this week to drop charges against an animal rights activist who recorded her trespassing on a Lucan-area hog farm multiple times in… Read More

The Canadian dairy industry has made great strides in cow comfort over the past 20 years. It’s a story EastGen genetics veterinarian Dr. Tim Henshaw feels all dairy farmers should be actively telling all friends, neighbours ,and consumers within earshot. From mats and bedding for cows to lie on, to adequate stall space and better… Read More

It’s an unfortunate reality for many farmers — the very frightening possibility of activists targeting them on their private property, where their homes are, where they care for their livestock and raise their children. Last weekend, Ontario dairy farmers were left shaken when activists trespassed on private property, entered barns without permission, and reportedly, even… Read More

Researchers in Ontario are working on establishing safe use guidelines for meloxicam, a pain relief and anti-inflammatory medication, in grain-fed veal production. The product is currently approved for use in dairy and beef cattle, but not for veal as there is no established withdrawal interval. Two University of Guelph professors, Dr. Ron Johnston and Dr. Dave… Read More


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