It’s late June and growers are still planting soybeans in Ontario. It’s been that kind of year, says Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Agribusiness soybean specialist Horst Bohner as growers in rain-soaked areas of the province make a final dash to plant soybean acres. On this episode of the RealAgriculture Soybean School, Bohner looks… Read More

As cereal crops race to the finish line across Ontario, many growers are weighing the option of planting soybeans after a first harvest, which is already underway in some winter barley fields in southwestern portions of the province. Embro, Ont., farmer Ian Matheson and his family have been double cropping soybeans for two decades. He… Read More

As the calendar pushes to mid-June, growers in areas of the province still struggling with wet planting conditions are now deciding whether to try to plant corn, switch to soybeans, or make unseeded acreage claims. Agronomists and ag reps attending a Ridgetown, Ont., virtual Ag Business Breakfast Meeting on Tuesday did their best to assess… Read More

Soybean yield contest winners typically rely on weekly tissue testing and foliar feeding to help produce eye-popping, trophy-winning yields. But does this tool have the power to make yield for growers who test and feed just a couple of times during the season? SGS Canada agronomist Jack Legg thinks the practice makes sense for a… Read More

Planting across Ontario is nearing completion in many regions, but excessive rain continues to stall progress in some areas, leaving farmers to contemplate switching intended corn acres to soybeans. It’s a decision that has significant cropping implications, says RealAgriculture agronomist Peter Johnson, and he wants growers to look at all the potential impacts before making… Read More

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) has announced up to $5,733,852 for the Canadian Field Crop Research Alliance (CFCRA) through the AgriScience Program – Clusters Component, an initiative under the Sustainable Canadian Agricultural Partnership, to promote more diverse crop rotations on farms. The Cropping Systems Cluster, led by CFCRA, will develop the characteristics and practices to… Read More

If there’s one thing freshly-planted soybeans don’t like, it’s a cold drink of water. Soybeans are quite resilient to early season weather and cool soil, but a cold rain in the first 12-hours after planting can spell death to newly-planted soybeans. How does corn fare? Well, not much better, says RealAgriculture’s resident agronomist Peter “Wheat… Read More

Research from Purdue University agronomy professor Shaun Casteel indicates that early sulphur applications broadcast pre-plant or right at planting can deliver a soybean yield bump in specific conditions. On the season debut of The Sharp Edge, Maizex agronomist Henry Prinzen takes that knowledge to the field to compare notes with Simcoe, Ontario, grower Kyle Sowden… Read More

Here’s something you maybe didn’t know: Host of The Word, Peter ‘Wheat Pete’ Johnson started Wheat Pete’s Word a full NINE years ago, back before podcasts were cool. So let’s kick off the 10th year with something really special — like the second warmest winter on record since 1895!  Johnson also discusses evaluating geese damage… Read More

When it comes to planter prep, corn is king. The simple truth is most growers spend a lot of time fine-tuning planters to ensure corn seeds are deposited at a consistent depth and are snugged into the soil after the trench is closed. But what about soybeans? Do growers spend enough time working on how… Read More


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