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Will Corn Be King This Fall – Moe Agostino,

The question of how bullish is corn is really all the talk right now in coffee shops across the US and Canada.  Producers and the industry are focused on this crop staple and what it is going to do through the winter.  Will we see $6.00 corn shortly or is this just a short blip… Read more »

Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show: Seed Treatments Play a Vital in the Performance of Wheat Genetics – C&M Seeds

If you haven’t noticed seed companies are just as interested in the things being applied to the seed as the seed itself.  This is due to the continued push towards looking at the full production cycle instead individual unconnected mutually exclusive events in the production cycle. At Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show I discussed this trend… Read more »

Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show: Stakeholders Step Up to Keep Plant Breeding Alive, Is it Enough?

By Shaun Haney This week the Grain Farmers of Ontario, Ag Canada, farmers and industry have made a major commitment to plant breeding in Eastern Canada. There was a lot of excitement in the Grain Farmers of Ontario booth at Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show this week.  It didn’t take long to quickly figure out what… Read more »

Wheat School: PrePlanting Weed Control, Drill Prep, Starter Fertilizer – Peter Johnson, OMAFRA

Its time to seed winter wheat and there are several different considerations that you need to make in order to make sure you have success this season.  In many ways the steps that you take today are crucial to what your yield results are next August.  Too many people make some crucial mistakes at fall… Read more »

What Impacted Me At the AgChat Foundation Agvocacy 2.0 Conference

This week I was one of the fortunate people to be able to attend the AgChat Foundation Agvocacy 2.0 Training Conference in Chicago. This was a collection of the top agriculture social media people in North America. The results were amazing.  This was a conference that was about more than just “how to use twitter… Read more »

Did the Iceland Volcano Eruption Cause the Unusual Weather in 2010

I have had many different farmers comment on the potential impact of the Iceland volcano eruption on the weather patterns this year. Was there more of an impact than just cancelled flights in and out of Europe or has the extreme variable weather in 2010 been just a coincidence? Farmers love weather and drawing correlations… Read more »

Wheat School – What Wheat Farmers Learned in 2010 in Ontario – Dana Omland, Palmerston Grain

When planning for the upcoming planting in the fall, farmers need to look back and see what went good and what were the areas where they could of improved.  In looking back on the Ontario 2010 wheat crop there were several things that a you could take and implement for the 2011 season. In this… Read more »

Wheat School: Give Your Head A Shake – Peter Johnson, OMAFRA

Peter Johnson, Cereal Specialist with OMAFRA thinks that farmers in Ontario that are not seeding wheat need to give their heads a shake.  Having wheat in your rotation has major benefits in terms of agronomics and profitability. According to Peter, wheat is the crop providing the biggest addition to the bottom line on the farm this fall…. Read more »

Is the Canadian Recession Over & How Does Canada Combat a Par Dollar? – Glen Hodgson, Conference Board of Canada

You cannot turn the TV on most nights during the nightly news without hearing some sort of commentary on the state of the Canadian economy. Agriculture is very reliant on the health of the consumer. Farmers are trying to decipher job reports, GDP growth, interest rates, CPI and a dozen other economic indicators. One of… Read more »

Is BlackJack Safer than Pesticides?

By Shaun Haney On Tuesday night I was following my usually routine of watching the National on CBC before I go to sleep for the night. One of the leading stories was about the Ontario government starting an online casino to compete in this massive market against the likes of Poker Stars and Bodog.  This… Read more »