Harvest is a very stressful time of year that requires immense mental and physical focus for long hours over several days. Balancing the needs of a harvest staff and family is quite the challenge and can weigh heavily on our minds and bodies. It’s at these times that we likely ignore the most important person to… Read More

After a long winter of farm shows, conferences and trade shows it made a lot of sense to hop back on an airplane and take the family on a vacation. It wouldn’t surprise many of you that I have a few Aeroplan points to use up. Free flights!!! In today’s world of busy, taking time… Read More

“I don’t need to exercise because I work outside.” “I am farming — I have no time to eat right or exercise.” Are these quotes from you? Do you make time for healthy eating and exercise during the week? Back in the 1930’s you needed to have a strong back to be a farmer. The… Read More

The final push is on this week to connect with farmers across Canada, for the first-ever national mental wellness survey of those who produce our food. Back when this initiative started in the fall, survey coordinator Prof. Andria Jones-Bitton of the University of Guelph, said she hoped to have 1,000 farmers involved in the survey… Read More


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