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Area One Farms Serve as Equity Partners in Ontario’s North

If there’s one thing expanding farming in Northern Ontario will require, it’s money. Financial backing. Bankrolling. Investment. Whatever name you give it, securing land is only a part of the cost of starting farming — new land must be cleared, cleaned up, and tiled if it’s to be improved to at least a Class 3…. Read more »

Canadian Farmland Value Growth Pulls Back

Farm Credit Canada recently released its 2016 farmland values report, which breaks down farmland value changes by province. For Canada, the average of 7.9% growth in the value of farmland is certainly good news for those looking to sell or leverage land, but it does represent a slight cooling in farmland prices from 2015, when year-over-year… Read more »

Urban Development Guidelines Need Teeth to Rein In Sprawl

Cities and towns are approving land development now that may not happen for a decade. If we’re to protect farmland from being swallowed by ever-expanding municipal boundaries, we need to act now to stop it, says Keith Currie, president of the Ontario Federation of Agriculture (OFA) . Currie’s organization is one of 16 farm groups leading a… Read more »

MYFB — Ep. 15: Joint Ventures, Mergers & Farm Marriages

In the past, farms looking to grow simply bought more land, but that’s not as easy as it used to be. Rising land prices are forcing producers to be creative in finding opportunities for growth, which in some cases leads to joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions — the topic of this episode of the Mind Your Farm Business podcast. “The… Read more »

Saskatchewan Farmland Review Shows Majority Oppose Foreign and Pension Plan Ownership

The majority of respondents to the Saskatchewan government’s farmland ownership review this summer said they oppose foreign ownership and investors such as Canadian pension funds purchasing farmland in the province. More than 3,200 people submitted their views during the consultation process that ran from May 20 to August 10. The results were published on Wednesday…. Read more »

Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down — Should Farmland Status be Made Permanent?

According to Statistics Canada, over half a million acres of productive (class 1-3) farmland was “settled” between 2000 and 2011. This “settled area” on dependable agricultural land grew by 19 percent in Canada, with the largest increase happening in southern Ontario and Quebec. The loss of farmland isn’t a new phenomenon (the last time people… Read more »

MYFB — Ep. 4: Three Strategies to Manage Margin Compression

How does that old saying go? Crop prices take the stairs up but the elevator down. It could be said that crop input prices do the exact opposite. Price trends of both variable and fixed inputs seem to march to their own drum. Variable input prices are slow to back off highs; fixed costs can… Read more »

Are We Heading for Another Farm Financial Crisis?

There was a time when it was hard for farmers to access credit — so much so that it spurred the creation of a farm credit corporation, now known as Farm Credit Canada. Those old enough to remember FCC’s creation are also old enough to recount the hardship that was farming in the early 1980s…. Read more »

Poll: Where Are Farmland Prices Headed? Report Shows Values Still Rising, But At Slower Rate

As expected with lower crop prices, new data from Farm Credit Canada shows the red-hot market for farmland cooled off in 2014. According to FCC’s annual Farmland Values Report released April 13th, the average value of agricultural land in Canada rose by 14.3 percent in 2014 — down from an increase of 22.1 percent in 2013 and a… Read more »

Nothing is more important to farming than land preservation

(Yuma, Arizona) – From the desolate, moonscape-like look of the surroundings here, complete with a never-ending vista of foreboding mountains, scattered rock, tumbleweeds, cacti and dirt devils, it’s hard to imagine this part of the world is popularly called America’s winter salad bowl. But it’s true. Farmers in the vast and sparse extreme southwestern part… Read more »

Tile Drainage Footprint Expanding Quickly in Western Canada

While tile drainage has been a part of farming in the U.S. Midwest and Ontario for decades, a growing number of producers in Western Canada are finding they can justify the cost of installing tile in their land. Take Craig Shaw for example. Speaking at FarmTech in Edmonton, the Lacombe, Alberta grain farmer gave three reasons… Read more »

Where do You Go From Here? Tips for Planning the Next Phase of Your Farm

Have you recently taken over the farm? Or are you about to begin the hand-over to the next generation? Or, just maybe, your New Year’s resolution was to up your farm business management game. Whatever your reasons, Jacqueline Gerrard, of Backswath Management, will be presenting some top management tips at Crop Connect ’15. The second… Read more »

Reasons to Sell Land and Lease it Back — a Toronto Investment Fund Manager’s Pitch

Is your farm in the realty business? Equity on most Canadian farms is generated in two ways — selling the proceeds from production and by owning property with increasing value. Speaking at the Agricultural Excellence Conference in Winnipeg last week, the head of Canada’s largest farmland investment company argued there are situations where farmers would benefit… Read more »

Should You Buy That Land? Management Course Helps You Decide

Last winter, Wyoming, Ontario, farmer Alfred Noorloos had a big decision to make. A neighbouring farm came up for sale and he wondered whether he should buy it. The beef and cash crop farmer was looking to expand, but was the timing right? Was his operation financially strong enough to justify the expansion? There were… Read more »

A Capital Partnership: How to Keep the Peace While Managing Farm Assets

Recent growth in farm land pricing has outpaced land’s earning capacity. What does this mean for the farm? It means, among many other things, that land is more than even before an indicator of wealth and a business asset in the farming economy. This is good news for farmers who own land, however, it creates… Read more »