Not everyone is a numbers person, but most who run a business know the value of crunching income and expenses well ahead of the final tallies. Budgets can take many forms, from a scribbled down input/output scenario, to templates and spreadsheets, or a completely invisible version that lives only in someone’s head. There are pros… Read More

Jennifer Wright has been appointed to the role of executive director of the Canadian Agricultural Human Resource Council (CAHRC). Wright has worked with the Canadian Agricultural Human Resource Council as a consultant for more than ten years, and joined the organization as a staff member in 2019. In April 2021, she was appointed to the… Read More

What’s your big, scary dream? The one you really feel you want to achieve? If you’re stuck on how to reach it, former U.S. member of congress Ric Keller says you have to do two things: write it down and then read it day and night. Keller has written a book on goal setting and… Read More

The Saskatchewan Canola Development Commission (SaskCanola) and the Saskatchewan Flax Development Commission (SaskFlax) have announced a new management collaboration. Greg Sundquist, chair of SaskFlax, says the new arrangement offers “administrative and operational efficiencies within our industry ensures that growers’ levy dollars are put to the best use.” Canola and flax levies will continue to be… Read More

It’s said that a farmer has to be a mechanic, biologist, vet, and CEO, sometimes all in the same day. Formal education and hours in the tractor seat are how plenty of farming is learned, but there’s always new leadership skills to develop and more to learn. Professional development pays, too, as farms with better… Read More

A high functioning team is a key component of running a business, and trust builds strong teams. So how do leaders foster trust between team members? Kristjan Hebert, a farmer at Fairlight, Sask., says the younger a team, the steeper the learning curve. Hebert has a team of young professionals and he makes sure there… Read More

In agriculture — and hey, let’s face it, across the world — we like to compartmentalize. Whether you are a conventional farmer, organic farmer, rancher, no-tiller, etc., there’s a ton of crossover across all these systems. This topic came up earlier this week on RealAg Radio, when Bernard Tobin, Shaun Haney, and myself discussed our… Read More

As the calendar winds down, so too does the work week and the routines of week in and week out. And so it is with the host of Wheat Pete’s Word, Pete Johnson, as he offers this, the last Word of the year. For this week’s podcast, Johnson has a little agronomy and a lot… Read More

Planning for the next generation to potentially take over or deciding what comes next for your farm business can be very tricky. Not as tricky as not having a plan, however, so even if the farm business is pretty young, it still pays to ask some key questions. Trevor MacLean, a partner with MNP’s agriculture… Read More

Farm Management Canada held its annual Agricultural Excellence Conference last month at Canmore, Alta., where Michele Rogalsky was announced as the 2022 recipient of the Wilson Loree Award. The award, now in its 20th year, honours individuals or groups who have made an extraordinary contribution to advancing agricultural business management practices in Canada. Rogalsky, of… Read More

McDonald’s Canada and 4-H Canada have launched the National Youth Scholarship program, as a part of the next iteration of a relationship between two organizations. The program includes sixteen scholarships, totalling up to $80,000 over two years, beginning in 2023. Candidates include senior youth leaders from across the country, focusing on advancing work in sustainability… Read More

Strong culture and core values are the foundation of a well-functioning team. This applies to business, sports, and, yes, families. When business meets family, as often is the experience for farmers, family members need to work together to define the core values of their operation. In this episode of  The Mind Your Farm Business podcast,… Read More

Many are familiar with certain forms of counselling — counselling on mental health, addictions, career, etc. But what about nutritional counselling? For this episode of the Fit Farmer podcast, host Gary Chambers is joined by registered dietician Georgie Fear to discuss the importance of eating properly, and what it can do to fuel your body… Read More

Not every acre in a field is the same when it comes to profitability. Some areas have high earning potential, while other areas are riskier, and possibly even costing money. As a wildlife biologist, those risky or unprofitable areas are what Mark McConnell is interested in. The Mississippi State University researcher made the trek to… Read More

OPINION Travel with me to a time not long ago when the government in Ontario was of the red variety. The former premier, at one point, went so far as to also serve as agriculture minister, in an effort, one can only imagine, to show her commitment and respect for the portfolio. Kathleen Wynne’s government… Read More


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