Watching the commodity markets was exciting for many producers, until it wasn’t. The decline of prices that we’ve seen over the past week has been a blow to the optimism for this year’s crop; however, it may be more palatable if there was some overarching reason as to why the sell-off. But any clear reason… Read More

It’s a global game of chess and it’s Russia’s move. With ongoing talks of Russia allowing wheat exports to come out of Ukraine, which could mean 50 to 60 million metric tonnes of wheat, those market values have experienced a slight decline over the recent past; however some experts are saying it’s not likely long-lived… Read More

Canada has once again been approved to export not only live cattle, but also beef products, to Brazil, who shut the doors on Canadian beef exports after Canada confirmed a case of BSE in 2003. Based on Canada’s BSE controlled risk status, live cattle have been approved for export to Brazil since July 2018, however,… Read More

Looking across the world, there is one thing that really unifies us — and it’s agriculture. We can often learn about new methods and technologies by talking to our colleagues around the world. Rob Stone, farmer out of Davidson, Saskatchewan, went down to São Paulo, Brazil to check out some of the technology different companies… Read More

As farmers contemplate a multitude of variables heading into this growing season, crop prices are favourable, indeed. Favourable does not mean stress-free by any means. With commodity prices hovering high for numerous crops, many farmers have yet to pull the trigger on locking in prices with the optimism and hope that those numbers will continue… Read More

Good news for everyone who’s been hooked on possibly the most popular modern mainstream TV show about farming and life as a farmer. “Clarkson’s Farm,” which features Top Gear and The Grand Tour star Jeremy Clarkson and his now-famous hired hand Kaleb Cooper, has been renewed for a second season on Amazon Prime Video. The… Read More

Given the price of land and equipment these days, many farmers see growth or expansion capped by capital limitations. One solution could be to work collaboratively, sharing equipment or human resources, but many Canadian farmers’ first reaction to that is “that will never work here.” To explore why some farmers — like those in New… Read More

There are several recurring themes among some of the most interesting people I cross paths with in agriculture. One of the most fun is that many of us never set out with a particular role or job in mind, but instead just rolled with the opportunities in front of us. The other is travel; not… Read More

The Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef held its general assembly at Christchurch, New Zealand, last week. As chair of the Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef, Anne Wasko was there and shares her insight and experience below: As the current chair of Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef (CRSB), I was pleased to represent CRSB at the… Read More

Excitement is building for Agritechnica — a gigantic farm equipmeent and technology show that only happens every two years in Hannover, Germany. The future-of-farming show covers nearly 98 acres and attracts hundreds of thousands of people. Back again this year will be the RealAgriculture team of RealAg Radio host Shaun Haney and production lead Jason… Read More

With the wheat harvest half complete in Russia and wrapped up in Ukraine, analysts are looking at volumes available for export out of the highly competitive Black Sea region. Mike Lee is twenty year veteran of assessing crops in the region, and updates the globe through the Black Sea Crop Tour. According to Lee, both… Read More

Some grain production analysts are calling for another extraordinary wheat harvest in Argentina, on the back of a record-setting year for 2018/19. “Last season we had a record harvest in our country,” says Javier Preciado Patiño with eFarmNews. “Farmers collected 150 million tons of grain, basically: corn, 55 million tons, wheat, 25 million tons, and… Read More

In presentations I frequently open up my talks discussing the agriculture challenges in Canada and the United States and then finish the opening by saying, “it could be worse, we could be in the UK.” It always gets a laugh, but for farmers in the UK, a possible crash exit from the EU is no… Read More

By Jen Christie Making my coffee this morning was so easy. I push a button on a machine. If the water canister is empty, I just turn on the tap. When we’re out of beans, there’s a bag in the cupboard to fill the grinder that costs as much (or more) than some Kenyan’s monthly… Read More

There’s no understating just how significant the loss of Canadian pulse exports to India has been this past year. Carl Potts, executive director of the Saskatchewan Pulse Growers, says that the organization’s budget — directly funded through a value-based levy — fell short by nearly 40%. It shows just how dire the situation has been… Read More


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