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Beef Market Update: Big Volumes and Bigger Prices Kick Off Fall-Run Sales

Where were we just one year ago? The Canadian dollar sat at 92 cents U.S. and cattle prices were at all-time highs. Those price levels have since been passed, to everyone’s surprise, but the dollar has taken an absolute beating in just a year’s time. Anne Wasko, of Gateway Livestock, joins RealAgriculture’s Lyndsey Smith for… Read more »

Beef Market Update: A Slide in Global Markets Will Pressure Cattle Prices…Eventually

As summer begins its last hurrah and ranchers anticipate the fall run, the underlying factors of supply and demand are still supporting cattle prices. But very large, global shifts in markets and economic stability are causing all sorts of fallout for grain and oil markets — how long before those macro trends pressure cattle prices?… Read more »

Beef Market Update: Keeping a Watchful Eye on the U.S. Herd Expansion

It’s tough to talk about the cattle markets and not focus solely on the demand side which, if we’re being honest, has been nothing short of impressive. But price is a function of two components — supply being the balance to demand. While Canada’s beef herd continues to contract, ranchers in the United States have… Read more »

Beef Market Update: This Drought Won’t Dampen Scorching Beef Prices Anytime Soon

Anyone with an eye on mainstream media or the meat shelves in the grocery store won’t be surprised to hear that the average beef retail price has hit another record high, weighing in at $19.69/kg. “That’s up 3% from last month, but more importantly i think — this is what people are going to hone into… Read more »

Beef Market Update: Brown Grass, Unprecedented Basis Levels, & Why the Canadian Cow Herd Isn’t Growing

Rain doesn’t just make grain, it makes beef too, and much of Saskatchewan and Alberta is in desperate need of moisture to support the cattle out on grass. In this episode of the almost-in-person Beef Market Update, Anne Wasko, of Gateway Livestock, and Shaun Haney, of RealAgriculture, cover some serious ground, from the possible repealing… Read more »

Beef Market Update: Lofty Prices, Tight Basis Levels & COOL News

It’s been a big week for the beef industry, with news that the World Trade Organization has ruled against Country of Origin Labeling for a fourth and final time and the subsequent — almost immediate — introduction and approval of a bill to repeal it by the U.S. House Agriculture Committee. But, what does all of… Read more »

Beef Market Update — Unreal Retail Prices Not Limiting Consumption…Yet

The grass is greening up, the calves are hitting the ground and the steaks are about to hit barbeques across North America, even as cattle prices flirt with new record highs. There’s no way around it — it’s a great time to be a cattle producer in Canada. No one begrudges the cattle industry some… Read more »

Beef Market Update: Spring Cattle Prices Continue to Impress

It’s looking more and more like spring in Western Canada, and cattle prices are continuing to impress with seasonal demand, tight supplies and an American dollar hovering around $0.80. In this, the latest episode of the Beef Market Update, Anne Wasko, with Gateway Livestock, talks to RealAgriculture’s Lyndsey Smith about prices across the border and here… Read more »

Beef Market Update: Market Kicks Up Its Heels With an Early Spring; Cattle Herd Numbers Fail to Surprise

It’s nearly the middle of March, but it feels more like May in many parts of Western Canada. Spring-like days with temps in the double digits for much of the southern areas of Alberta and Saskatchewan seem to have buoyed cattle markets, as it’s likely grass will be abundant and soon. That’s the latest Beef… Read more »

Beef Market Update: Tight Supply Support, Consumer Buying Power and Rational Responses to BSE

While many ranchers and producers visibly cringed at the announced positive BSE case found in northern Alberta earlier this month, the cattle markets barely seemed to bat an eye. Why was that? A rather under the weather Anne Wasko, of Gateway Livestock, joins Real Agriculture’s Shaun Haney on this latest Beef Market Update to talk… Read more »

Beef Market Update: Calling the Official Start of Rebuilding the U.S. Cow Herd

Last week, the U.S. released its cattle inventory numbers for January 1, and, as expected, there was some growth of the cattle herd. The numbers were slightly higher than anticipated, but still make for a historically small cattle herd. What does it mean for cattle supplies going forward? And will the Canadian numbers follow the… Read more »

Beef Market Update: Can you Bank on this Strong Start Continuing?

If the first two weeks of 2015 are any indication for the rest of the year, volatility in cattle markets is the name of the game. From steep drops to quick run-ups yet again, the U.S. cash market and the wholesale side has already shown some real movement. The big questions for cattle producers and… Read more »

Beef Market Update: Wild Finish to Amazing Year in Cattle Markets

It’s been a wild finish to a wild year in the beef market, with prices dropping off over the last few weeks from the record highs set in November. While feeder cattle futures dropped by the limit for five consecutive days in mid-December, producers should not lose sight of the fact there’s still strong fundamental support for high cattle… Read more »

Beef Market Update: Ask Annie — Calling the Highs, Pegging Consumer Demand, & Competing Products

If beef prices at the retail level stay elevated, will consumers pick pork and poultry? Have we topped out on these cattle markets? It’s questions like these that many ranchers and feed yard operators have been thinking about, so in this special “Ask Annie” edition of the Beef Market Update, Shaun Haney went to the audience… Read more »

Beef Market Update: Late 2014 Prices, Profitability, Export Demand & Heavy Carcasses

How long can this lofty cattle market stick around? Have lower feed costs already been plugged in to cattle market prices? Will heavier-than-ideal carcass weights cause headaches through the value chain? Real Agriculture’s Shaun Haney and Anne Wasko, of Gateway Livestock Exchange, tackle those questions and whole lot more in this edition of the Beef… Read more »