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Beyond the Bushel —Ep. 4: The Journey from Barley to Beer

Farmers who know they can grow barley and “make malt” are sometimes frustrated by the narrow margin of error on the specs required for malting acceptance, and for good reason. Malsters have to be incredibly choosey in their choice of malting barley for one reason — meeting the brewmasters’ demands. From how the barley is… Read more »

Beyond the Bushel — Ep.3: Leveraging Opportunity from the Complexity of Canada’s Wheat Markets

In the Canadian context, when someone says wheat, we think bread or pasta and maybe crackers and cookies. But for huge portions of the world’s population, wheat means noodles, steam buns and dumplings. While all these products do come from the same crop, it’s possible that each product requires a specific class of wheat, with… Read more »

Beyond the Bushel — Ep.2: Why Farmers Choose Wheat

Wheat may not be the high and mighty king of the prairies it once was, but it’s still a valuable, consistent crop for the majority of farmers’ rotations. And for good reason — this cool season crop is well adapted to a wide swath of growing conditions, performs well and competes on a global scale… Read more »

Beyond the Bushel — Ep. 1: Shepherding the Seed

Welcome to the first episode of an exciting new four-part series on Real Agriculture — Beyond the Bushel. In this series, we’ll take you on an in-depth exploration of the wheat and barley value chain in Western Canada. While wheat is a very familiar crop, and one that grows well over much of the world,… Read more »