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Why Do You Love Working in Agriculture? What Keeps Industry Players Engaged

Even after the stresses of market crashes, unexpected weather events and disagreements in the workplace, there is a force that keeps so many of us involved in agriculture. Our passion can be driven by many factors: a love of the land, an appreciation for the outdoors, respect for flora and fauna or simply the hope… Read more »

Growing Glyphosate-Tolerant Canola & Corn in the Same Rotation — A Few Tips

With seed companies preparing for an expansion in corn acres across the prairies, farmers considering growing Roundup Ready corn for the first time are wondering whether it fits in crop rotations that already include Roundup Ready canola. The concern is the introduction of another glyphosate-tolerant crop could complicate management of volunteer forms of corn or… Read more »

Momentum Tour — Monsanto Sets Maturity & Yield Targets for Corn Acreage Expansion

Seed companies have big plans for the expansion of corn acres in Western Canada, but whether farmers plant more corn will depend on two key factors: maturity and yield. Monsanto Canada announced just over a year ago that it’s spending more than $100 million over 10 years on developing varieties suitable for the Canadian prairies. The company’s… Read more »

Momentum Tour – Brandon Wrap Up – Fast Cars, Ag-Teases and Cornification

You probably noticed myself and Lyndsey tweeting rapidly last week using the hasgtag, #momentumtour.  We joined the Monsanto Momentum Tour on the Brandon stop and had a great time.  Monsanto is touring across the prairie provinces to show growers the latest in its two trait releases. Here is our wrapup from Brandon, and as usual… Read more »