Kudos to municipal politicians who at least try to understand day-to-day farm issues. Of any elected officials, they should be closest to farmers. Rural and urban issues intersect at the municipal level to a great extent, even though we are an exporting nation, and even though provinces are immersed in supporting agriculture. Several provinces will… Read More

The federal government can do something to help Ontario’s $900-million mushroom sector — that is, extend or change the temporary foreign worker program. Such a change might help other agri-food sectors too and give new skilled Canadians a productive place in our society. The agri-food sector’s struggle with labour is widely known. Canadians like to… Read More

When it comes to Canada’s $27-billion food waste problem, what’s actionable on your farm? How can you take measures to reduce it…and should you bother? Martin Gooch thinks so. On behalf of his firm, Value Chain Management International, he’s co-authored a new study, Developing an Industry-Led Approach to Addressing Food Waste in Canada, to try… Read More

With all the red tape and busy work farmers already face, who wants more? No one, I’m sure. Not even people who kind of like paperwork. But I’m hoping an effort underway to have farmers create an animal care code of conduct will be seen by most as more than a nuisance. In Ontario, an… Read More

Many people have opinions about what developing countries need to prosper in food production. Some insist on more local autonomy for farmers, and less Western influence.  After all, people in what are now considered developing countries survived for thousands of years before Western wisdom arrived, they say. Such thinkers  believe we should turn back the… Read More

If you have any Farmers Feed Cities memorabilia hanging around, treat it with respect. As of Monday, it became collectible. Just as the first ever Local Food Week was getting underway in Ontario, Farmers Feed Cities, one of the most successful agriculture awareness programs in recent memory, wound down. The Grain Farmers of Ontario (GFO),… Read More

Not long ago, farmers thought their main opponents were environmentalists, bent on preventing them from implementing modern techniques and technology. Some considered it a battle against corporatism. But new research suggests that thinking has changed. In Ontario, results are emerging from a poll last winter of 400 farmers by Farm and Food Care, a group… Read More

Is rural Ontario unique – or indispensable? Some would argue both. And a new poll designed to eek out rural priorities suggests they’re right. The poll in question, which opened after the provincial election was called last week and closed yesterday (May 7) at 5 p.m., was led by the Rural Ontario Institute. And while… Read More

A sea change takes some impetus. In horticultural research in Ontario, that change happened eight years ago when the Vineland research station reinvented itself as the partner-driven Vineland Research and Innovation Centre. And it got a boost earlier this week when Ottawa and the Ontario government announced they were combining forces to give the centre… Read More

Ontario isn’t letting politically charged energy issues such as the ongoing gas plant cancellation controversy get in its way of its clean air policy development…and neither should farmers. Regardless of what party is in office after the next election, over the past couple of weeks it’s become even clearer the future of energy production here… Read More


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