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Talking to Farmers — Dry Conditions, Seeding Equipment and Farm Progress Show Highlights

Dry conditions back home were the subject of many conversations involving prairie farmers who made the trek to Regina last month for Canada’s Farm Progress Show. RealAg’s roving reporter Kelvin Heppner took to the show grounds with a camera to ask farmers how their crops were looking and their highlights from the massive equipment showcase…. Read more »

Talking to Farmers: Money, Acres, Oscars and The Jets

A big thanks to the extremely friendly Brandon, MB., for the hospitality this week. Our first TechTour LIVE event was a success, with over 150 participants and tonnes of cheese. As part of the day, we decided to film an episode for our infamous Talking to Farmers segment. We bribed rounded up a group of farmers eager… Read more »

Talking to Farmers: Global Warming, Career Inspiration, and How To Fix the Edmonton Oilers

Who’s had the biggest impact on your farming career? Is global warming real? The anecdotal evidence is pretty clear, given that it was plus temps during FarmTech this year, but we all know what anecdotes are worth. In this episode of Talking to Farmers, shot at Farmtech ’15, the Real Agriculture team (of one, that would… Read more »

Talking to Farmers: Tillage, Burgers and Trade Show Freebies

Time-permitting, we love finding unsuspecting (or surprisingly agreeable) individuals for a segment we refer to as Talking to Farmers. The clips are often filmed at trade shows and conferences, and the interviewees are never given more than a hint at the questions they’ll be asked. This year, at the Agri-Trade Expo in Red Deer, we cajoled four people into… Read more »

Talking to Little Pizza Farmers

Last month, we reported on an initiative happening in Saskatchewan where school children are given the opportunity to experience agriculture by planting and interacting with the resources that go into pizza ingredients. Though it’s fun to photograph and document events such as this, it’s hard to tell the story from the perspective of the people involved. That’s… Read more »

Talking to Farmers: Drones, Tracks and Heavy Duty Decisions

Well, it seems the RealAgriculture crew always arrives to Canada’s Farm Progress Show armed and ready to talk to farmers. This usually means a sly call for a massive “tweetup” and subsequent trapping of unsuspecting victims, but it seems people caught wind of our plan this year, and for every interview shown above, there are… Read more »

Talking to Women in Agriculture: What’s Our Biggest Challenge?

According to Statistics Canada, in the last decade, farms operated solely by women in Canada has grown from 3.9% to 5%, and women now account for 26% of all farm operators in Canada. And women continue to excel into leadership positions across the agriculture supply chain, as was evident in the number of passionate women who… Read more »

Talking to Farmers – Cattle Fitters Edition

We took the opportunity while at Canadian Western Agribition this year to find a different kind of farmer for our Talking to Farmers feature. It wasn’t hard to round up enough cowfolk to cover some of the basics of showing cattle. And, between being asked to be filmed and starting the interview, many of the cattle fitters… Read more »

Talking to Farmers: Does Controlled Traffic Farming Have a Future in Western Canada?

As the growing season winds down, it’s time to think about the best parts of winter — planning for next season and conferences! (My version of “best” my differ from yours). One of the highlights of the conference season has to be FarmTech, where farmers are challenged to evaluate their current production practices and, perhaps,… Read more »

Talking to Farmers: Combine Trade-ins, Equipment Wish Lists &The End of the CWB Monopoly

Have you ever walked around a farm show and thought, “If only I had the money.” We put that question, and a few others, to a group of farmers we bribed with t-shirts  asked to participate in the latest installment of Talking to Farmers. Watch the video below to hear about how often these farmers… Read more »

Talking to Farmers: From Land Plans to Will Ferrell

How are the crops in your region? Do you plan on buying/renting land, or are high land prices causing you concern?  Will you sell some acres instead? What recent agriculture advertisement do you remember best? Oh, and…uh…Will Ferrell? While covering Canada’s Farm Progress Show, RealAgriculture cornered unsuspecting farmers, asking them all these questions and more for the… Read more »

Talking to Farmers: Is 150 bu/ac Wheat Possible in Western Canada?

How high can wheat yields go? Is 150 bushels an acre achievable, and, if so, how do we get there? That’s the question we asked several farmers at this year’s FarmTech conference. The answers are evenly split between yes, no and yes, but only if fill-in-the-blank happens. It would seem it’s that fill-in-the-blank part that… Read more »

Talking to Farmers: What’s your Favorite App?

We use our phones for so much more than talking and texting — from tracking markets and weather, to finding and sharing information, to just killing time with some entertainment. There are a seemingly infinite number of apps out there, and more are developed each week. How do you decide which are worth it? This… Read more »

What Will The Average Corn Yield be in Ontario This Year?

The Ontario corn crop certainly started out with great potential. Then the rain petered out. Pockets of the corn growing region received showers, but by late July, we were already talking about how big a bite the drought was taking out of yield. We’ll know in a few week’s time as the corn harvest gears… Read more »

Talking to Farmers – What Will Your Next Equipment Purchase Be?

There’s nothing that fuels the old equipment buying itch more than a few good years of decent prices. Canada’s Farm Progress Show gave farmers in the market to buy a chance to scratch that itch. The newest in everything from trucks, tractors, seeders and other implements were scattered across the grounds. It was a great… Read more »