Where to mark the ballot is a tough decision for many us, when we start considering party platforms, the appeal of individual candidates as representatives, and the trustworthiness of party leaders. There are all kinds of issues to think about, from immigration to health, the niqab to the CRA, taxes to trade. And, for those of us in agriculture,… Read More

Canadian wheat has a reputation in many parts of world of being the best wheat for milling. Customers will blend high protein Canadian wheat into their recipes to make up for lower quality grain. New wheat varieties released in Canada over the last few years have opened the door to growing higher yielding wheat. Some producers are adjusting… Read More

There’s something to be said about being able to see equipment in action at a farm show, but there’s also value in not having to worry about rain or snow…or sweating through your best farm show outfit. More than 40 thousand farmers are expected in Woodstock, Ontario this week for Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show, with 750 exhibitors,… Read More

They’re being called “Canada’s Team” again, pushing for the American League (AL) East title for the first time since 1993. After starting the season with some disappointing injuries, the Jays have pulled off one of the better records in Major League Baseball, to the delight of fans across Canada. It’s hard to say what helped the… Read More

It’s the longest federal election campaign in recent history: an eleven week journey that could very well be captured on daytime television as a drama series. And why not? Its very announcement gave the country reason to debate! Most campaigns run their course in four to five weeks, with voters itching to get to the… Read More

If you hadn’t heard of Ashley Madison before a couple weeks ago, it probably means you’re a decent person — the match-making website’s sole purpose was to connect married people looking to have an affair. The website made headlines recently after a hacking group stole then shared user account names and details for all the… Read More

According to Statistics Canada, over half a million acres of productive (class 1-3) farmland was “settled” between 2000 and 2011. This “settled area” on dependable agricultural land grew by 19 percent in Canada, with the largest increase happening in southern Ontario and Quebec. The loss of farmland isn’t a new phenomenon (the last time people… Read More

There are only so many hours in a week to get things done. During busy seasons, such as harvest, that means many farms operate seven days a week, trying to make the most of the limited resource we call time. Others still choose to take a break once every seven days, whether it’s for faith-related… Read More

It wasn’t all that long ago that if you wanted to really heat up a room full of western Canadian farmers, you’d simply have to mention the Canadian Wheat Board. Shortly thereafter, the battle lines would be drawn between those who fully supported the board’s government-mandated monopoly and those who wanted it abolished. Then came… Read More

It’s time once again for the least serious 10 minutes in ag news! And this time the RealAgriculture production team has gone above and beyond the call of duty and put together a truly entertaining package of highlights from Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show. In this mostly-not-serious edition of Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down, Shaun Haney and… Read More

It’s officially back to the grind for the RealAg team, which means Shaun Haney and Lyndsey Smith sat down for another edition of the Most Serious 10 to 15 Minutes in Ag News — Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down. In this episode, Shaun and Lyndsey discuss how junk food is still junk food, even if it’s… Read More

Its time again for another edition of RealAgriculture.com’s Thumbs Up Thumbs Down.  This week Shaun and Lyndsey discuss the sabotage of Monsanto, the pesticide ban in Manitoba, should the Calgary Stampede have gone on, why don’t farmers ask questions at conferences, why don’t some people wash their hands after they pee, complaining about not being… Read More

It was quite a week in Regina — flash floods, giant equipment roll outs and Saskatchewan field editor Debra Murphy’s first chance at covering a farm show. No farm show that RealAgriculture.com attends would be quite complete without a signature Thumbs up, Thumbs down piece, and so, without further ado, I give you the Day… Read More

In this episode of Thumbs up, Thumbs down, RealAgriculture.com’s fearless leaders Shaun Haney and Lyndsey Smith talk government retaliation measures, or rather the lack thereof, in the COOL fiasco, Lyndsey suggests a statute of limitations on blaming previous governments for today’s problems and Shaun professes his love of wrestling. Also in this audio-only version of… Read More

In this riveting edition of Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down, Shaun Haney and Lyndsey Smith tackle hard-hitting news items, like the new CWB ad and whether or not it’s funny and how PETA is apparently spying on ranchers, the only way they know how — with humour and sarcasm.In this segment, you’ll find out why Shaun… Read More


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