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“The grocery store — the most confusing place in the world”

Food companies go to great lengths to differentiate and sell their products, using all kinds of marketing claims displayed on food packaging. Peel Back the Label, a campaign funded by U.S. dairy producers, and the well-known comedy outfit Funny Or Die, recently launched a tongue-in-cheek video highlighting the problems with food labeling and what happens… Read more »

Buy or sell: The railways’ grain plan, the Canadian dollar, and the 2018 Blue Jays

If there’s more upside than downside, it’s time to buy. If things are going to get worse, it’s time to sell. Shaun Haney and Kelvin Heppner played an impromptu game of “are you buying or selling?” on RealAg Radio on Wednesday, and, in case you missed it here’s how it went: Are you buying or… Read more »

Rick Mercer paints an old UGG elevator

Inglis, Manitoba is home to an iconic scene that was once common across the prairies — five wooden grain elevators still standing in a row. In recognition of them forming the last elevator row in Canada, they have been protected as a National Historic Site. However, the elevators have been needing a bit of work,… Read more »

UFO with udder delivers milk to children — only in Japan

It can sometimes be difficult to figure out the meaning of a commercial. But not this Japanese milk commercial that was showcased on The Ellen Show. In North America, we’ve had milk moustaches, blue cows and spilled milk — our own approaches to and views on marketing milk — but you have to watch this Japanese… Read more »

Five ways for your tractor to burn to the ground

I don’t have my numbers in front of me, but it seems to me that the chances of encountering a “perfect storm” in agriculture are much higher than in other industries. When it rains, it pours … and then it hails. If you’re Lyndsey and you’re blessed with triplet lambs, one dies after birth, mom… Read more »

Trump vs Canada: Get Your Tickets for this Epic Main Event!

Since the election of Donald Trump, the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) has been under threat. Initially, the harsh words of walls, import tariffs, and immigration reform were directed squarely at Mexico. That all changed this week when president Trump “laid down the law” in an effort to make Canada quiver insecurely in its… Read more »

Disappearing Coffee, a New It Vegetable, and Great Canadians: The 2017 FarmTech Wrap Up

What’s the new it vegetable for 2017? You heard it here first: it’s beets. But after sitting down with the Rt. Honourable Brian Mulroney, General Roméo Dallaire, and Olympian Clara Hughes, you’d think Kelvin Heppner and Lyndsey Smith would have much more to talk about than beets…and they do, it just wouldn’t be a RealAgriculture… Read more »

When Evidence-Free Fear Causes Real Harm: Timothy Caulfield

Why are celebrities so influential when it comes to trends? Turns out, we may actually be programmed to follow prestige. But, as Timothy Caulfield explains, we may not always recognize this behaviour in ourselves, claiming instead that “everyone else” falls for such things, but not us. Caulfield, a professor with the University of Alberta’s law… Read more »

Baby, It’s Cold Outside (A Rancher’s Rendition)

“Baby, It’s Cold Outside” is a Christmas classic, written by Frank Loesser in 1944, in which a female singer explains why she’s unable to stay for a romantic evening. As anybody who has animals that need tending knows, the idyllic moments of the holidays can be fleeting. It’s less cozy time in front of a crackling… Read more »

Thieves Mistake Hops for Marijuana on PEI Farm

A case of mistaken crop identity has resulted in RCMP arresting three adults for break and enter, as well damage to crop destined for beer production on a hops farm in PEI. Stratford RCMP say they responded to a complaint from a farmer on Saturday afternoon after he observed three unknown adults near his farm… Read more »

Calf Feeders, Trains, and Water Troughs — 101 Uses for Used Plastic Barrels

We might be exaggerating on the number, but if ever you’re not sure how to repurpose a container, stack of lumber, or hunk of steel, just throw a photo on Twitter and watch the farmer ingenuity pour in. Friend of the site and funny talker, James Robinson, from Kendal, Cumbria, England, posted the following on… Read more »

Poll: What Should Happen to Ease Hydro Costs?

Farmers and rural residents are fed up with sky-rocketing hydro electricity costs, and they’re done being polite about it. This week at the International Plowing Match, the agriculture and rural community let Kathleen Wynne and her Liberal government know — very vocally — just what they thought of a proposed HST cut to ease hydro… Read more »

Pink Skid Steers, Soaring Heights, & The Word Live — It’s the 2016 Outdoor Farm Show Wrap up

Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show is in the books for another year, and the 2016 edition of the wrap up features not only resident agronomist Peter Johnson (@WheatPete) but also Lyndsey Smith’s (triumphant?) return to RealAgriculture’s signature farm show wrap. Covering a show of this magnitude takes a team, and Peter and Lyndsey highlight what they,… Read more »

Farm Groupies: A Breed Apart

Do you know a farm groupie? For many, a big part of being a groupie is rubbing shoulders with a celebrity. Most farmers don’t consider themselves rock stars, but some attract a hoard of loyal, dedicated peeps – even if it’s the last thing they want. Before the digital age and the ubiquitous cell phone,… Read more »

“Wake Up, We Need to Bale the Kitchen” — Toy Tractors & Harvest ’16 with the Peterson Farm Bros

It’s been a while since we’ve featured the kings of farm parodies — the Peterson Farm Brothers — here on RealAgriculture. The whole Peterson clan, including mom, makes it into their latest medley, as they reminisce about farming with toy tractors on the kitchen floor while harvesting their 2016 wheat crop. It’s a good one!… Read more »